Pheasey Post Office to close

How many years has the Post Office branch been open at the Old Horns shops, maybe 55 ?


Well it is to close, my Mum has told me. I am surprised as I went in two weeks to give a registered letter and no obvious signs that it was to be. Apparently the functions will move into the newsagents. This is sadly inevitable as the Modern Tech age drives on there is less and less demand for it.

I remember being 19 and having to collect Dole money from there in 1991 and having to queue for 40 minutes for it with pensioners etc. Not any more as more and more benefits, pensions etc become direct payments.

I suppose we can be grateful some functions will be kept there as I sometimes use registered posts or send parcels for eBay etc. There is no point ranting and raving about this which is inevitable to modern technology. Lets be honest how many people who access to the web visit a PO for car tax etc now ?

7 thoughts on “Pheasey Post Office to close

  1. it is moving not closing. moving into the newsagent which is old news to be fair. Jitesh had served this area for many years in an excellent way – I wish him good luck for the future and please the Newsagent taking up the service.

  2. We all know standalone PO services are untenable now apart from the very biggest branches. This was inevitable at some point. How the newsagents can cope in that small area (unless they are moving to the PO) not sure.

    The next thing to go will be newsagents won’t it ? The deadwood press is dying off quickly, less people smoking and the likes of NISA that offer far bigger ranges will take over. I am surprised the newsagents at the Cat and Fiddle has lasted so long actually, not sure we need another fish and Chip shop though !

  3. So the newsagent a few doors up will now run the Post office functions? Won’t they need a secure area?

  4. Presume so Duncan and if they do not move where is the space for it ? Unless of course certain functions are removed but then there would be a big fuss about that ?

  5. I’m surprised there has not been more comment or even consultation in the area given the number of elderly residents in Park Farm and Pheasey. I guess that as the Post Office is a sub-office rather than a crown office the owner of the business can decide to end his contract with the Post Office without this happening.

    I presume that the Post Office will not allow the Counters business to move unless they are satisfied the new premises meets its standards for security.

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