Threat to services on Pheasey

As you may be aware the Council announced on Tuesday what the scale of the cuts will be for the whole council – LINK

Inevitably the most eye catching of the proposals are

– Closure of 8 Libraries including Pheasey

– Reduction of waste collection

– Possible closure of 12 Children Centres, no names given yet

This will inevitably become very political with I notice a comment Cllr Andrew will be at Pheasey Library this afternoon to campaign for it to stay open.

We have to remember in any discussions in this that the cuts HAVE to happen unless you suggest a illegal budget is set and central govt step in to run the council. It is no good people saying save this or that without saying how the money will be saved elsewhere.

When the consultation starts on October 30th I will be looking at the figures and suggesting a possible outcome to save the library and still save the required money. I will need to check not he actual figures first before I comment on that.

However I believe as we are the forgotten area for Walsall the Library is one of the few facilities we get. On top of this I personally think that access to books should not be reduced and especially when the nearest library is in Aldridge.

Pheasey Labour Party have issued a statement and I would welcome and link any other statement from any other political party for political fairness.

The Liberal Democrats have said THIS through leader Ian Shires

I have checked and the Conservatives have no local site and UKIP have not posted anything on this either.

We have to remember that when the budget is voted on Labour do not have a majority and thus any budget can be voted down.

40 thoughts on “Threat to services on Pheasey

  1. Oh where did all our money go … how long were the Tories in power at Walsall … how much debt did they run up … how much did they promise knowing they could not pay for it … no wonder most of the Tories refused to vote (and 16 abstentions ) to keep them in power they wanted some else to pick up the can of worms .

    Just so they can say look what the labour council have done !!!

    They must think we are fools how else the council make up for the loss of £47 million take form the councils central funning by the conservative government

  2. Usual stuff coming from the other parties,its their fault !,Labour say its their fault ! ,no one is to blame then as usual.,Transfer Walsall south to the shires down there ,cuts have been minimal compared to north and midlands Councils where Daves main support is of course,not to mention massive tax dodging with hedge funds,media magnets etc.68 billion 2010 World Bank figures,55billion OBR said 2012,could do a lot with that,not likely though,WHO DO YOU VOTE FOR?

  3. Hi DJ; The UK could also do a hell of a lot internally by leaving the European Union and saving the ten billion pounds in contributions per annum that our nation currently hands over to the massively corrupt, fascist and failing EU. Scrapping our Foreign Aid budget currently standing at eleven billion and four hundred million pounds per annum; and spending that money here rather than having much of it stolen by corrupt third world politicians, Government officials, soldiers and police officers etc, would be a much better use of British taxpayers cash. Scrapping all Local Council non-job posts across the United Kingdom, such as Chief Executive (and closing the positions of all of that officers bag carriers) culling the posts of European Union Officers, Climate Change Officers, interpreters/interpreter services etc etc etc; would also save millions of pounds of Local Council funds across our nation.
    Closing libraries, childrens centres and blindly following cretinously stupid European Union waste directives and cutting back on weekly refuse collections will simply prove to be yet more political poison for the FibLabConNatsGreens.
    I vote UKIP DJ; Who is it again that you vote for? I don’t believe you’ve ever revealed to date where you’ve been placing your cross at election times over recent years?

  4. Ho Hum; At a time when many members of the UK’s political parties are talking about making cuts to various local services right across our nation, on cue along come the thieving, profligate, chaotic European Union demanding that our hard pressed countries hand over yet another one billion seven hundred million pounds to ‘Club Useless’ based in Brussels and Strasbourg. The sooner we leave this rotton to the core outfit; a stinking corpse that the United Kingdom has been fettered to for getting on for almost 42 years, well all the better. The European Union, a totally undemocratic, failing shambles, that the UK gives an eye watering 55 million pounds to every single day; is so monumentally corrupt, it has been unable to sign off it’s own books for around the last 18 successive years due to the theft of and the loss of billions of pounds by it’s own employees.
    A couple of days ago i outlined three ways for the Government to make vast savings and then divert those funds to local authorities; here are another couple;
    Local authorities should immediately cease handing over council taxpayers money to utterly useless quango the Local Government Association. It’s high time that the LGA was totally abolished.
    Under the last disastrous Euro-Labour Government there were around 13 thousand foreign prisoners languishing in UK jails, because thanks to Euro-Labour signing our nation up to the European Convention of Human Rights, European Human Rights Act, it proved; and has since proved extremely difficult to deport convicted foreign criminals back to their home countries.
    Under the current FibCon Government the number of foreign criminals in British jails had fallen to around 11 thousand prisoners, but the number has risen again to nearly 12 thousand over recent months.
    Each foreign prisoner in British jails costs UK taxpayers 70 thousand pounds per annum. The United Kingdom should immediately cease to be bound by the rules and regulations of the European Human Rights Act and should withdraw from membership of the ECHR; and draft and implement a British Bill Of Rights. All foreign prisoners in UK jails should then be deported to serve their sentences in their home countries, thus saving UK taxpayers millions of pounds, money that can then be diverted to local authorities.
    Although the ECHR is a body distinct from the European Union, under EU rules member states must be fully signed up to the ECHR and it’s European Human Rights Act. If we leave the ECHR then it follows that the European Union should formally withdraw UK membership of the EU. well bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Correction; ECHR, for Convention read Court. And while still on the subject of raising more money for local authorities, the Government should scrap the proposed European Union’s giant train set, EU HS2, part of the European Union’s T ENT transport policy, and use British taxpayers cash being set aside for this costly scheme to give to local councils. EU HS2, like the EU M6 Toll Road, again part of the EU’s T ENT policy, has of course plenty of EU directives attatched to it.

  6. Dodging the question of massive tax dodging Steve ?,sadly your leader and family have questions to answer ,privately educated elite again I am sorry to say, our Nige,and his like, are starving us proles of police,health,and services galore,trickle down don’t work when the money goes overseas! An I did not mean the EU that’s another disgrace,but not as big as the tax rip off by the rich.

  7. Hi DJ, The only person on here at present dodging questions is you. You still havn’t informed us who it is that you’ve been voting for in recent elections despite asking others on here to state the party/parties they give their support to. You made a comment with regard to ‘massive tax dodging’; you didn’t put it in the form of a question or ask other individuals to answer your remarks on the subject.
    But anyway, like yourself; and i’m sure everyone else posting on here, i’m against any and all tax dodging; and we’ve all heard about various companies and individuals heavily implicated in attempts to avoid paying what they owe in recent times. The Government really need to get to grips with this problem once and for all. While i agree that tax rip offs by the rich in this country are costing the nation many millions, i don’t agree that that figure is higher than the billions of pounds ripped off UK taxpayers every year by, for example, the grasping, profligate, massively corrupt European Union.
    Nigel Farage is not starving anyone anywhere of police services, health services or any other public services for that matter. UKIP have just had their first Member Of Parliament elected to the House Of Commons and by my reckoning that makes the party some way off forming an elected Government and having control of policing and other UK public services. I rather think you need to look for someone other than Nigel Farage or anyone else in UKIP to blame for cutbacks to public services across the United Kingdom.
    If Nigel Farage and his family have, as you claim, questions to answer with regard to not paying their taxes, then no doubt the relevant authorities will act on the issue at some point.

  8. The figures are out there,already I quoted them! you wont find them in the Daily Mail or torygraph or Murdochs lot,cause they obviously want the tax status quo.No Europe thieves do not cost us as much,and I already asked WHO DO I VOTE FOR? with a barely democratic system run by the rich for the rich and big business,I am struggling,what to do ,as are a lot of Walsallians and Brummies!

  9. Hi DJ, you did not say ‘WHO DO I VOTE FOR?’; you actually said; and i quote; ‘ WHO DO YOU VOTE FOR?’.
    You now appear to be indicating that at this moment in time and perhaps over recent elections you have no intention of; and have not been voting.
    The figures you give for fraud and tax evasion from the World Bank for 68 billion in 2010; and 55 billion from the OBR in 2012, are these worldwide/global figures or just for businesses or individuals solely based or resident here in the United Kingdom??
    I cannot argue with your observations regarding voting here in Walsall and across over in areas on the other side of the North Warwickshire/South Staffordshire border, the Queslett Road. Staffordians here in Walsall and the Black Country and our good Warwickshire neighbours in Birmingham have generally been voting in smaller numbers for many years now and that situation does really look unlikely to change any time soon, particularly in Inner Town and Inner City districts.

  10. Continuing with the subject of local and national Government finances, i watched Walsall South Euro-Labour MP Valerie Vaz’s car crash appearance on the BBC’s Politics Show yesterday morning; during which she crazily supported the UK continuing to hand over billions of pounds of British taxpayers money to the unelected Ministers, Commissioners and bureaucrats running the European Union’s CAP (Common Agricultural Policy); where for every £2 our Government give them, they grudgingly give our farmers back £1 of our own money. A large amount of the other half of the money (our money) is then promptly, lost, wasted or stolen by European Union officials that we can neither elect, hold to account, nor get rid of. Such fraud and incompetence reasons why the EU has not been able to have it’s books signed off for around the last 18 years in a row.
    Suzanne Evans of UKIP in reply argued that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union; save the billions of pounds per annum we waste on handing over to be members of ‘Club Useless’; and democratically elected British MP’s/Government Ministers alone should then be responsible for directly handing funding (British taxpayers money) to British farmers. If democratically elected British MP’s/Government Ministers then make mistakes with UK agricultural funding, well we can always vote them out of office.
    I’m pretty sure which of the two ladies sounded absolutely raving bonkers; and it certainly wasn’t Suzanne Evans!!!!!!

  11. Uk tax fraud by business and individuals, the figures relate to,not likely to surface with UKIP due to membership involvement,in the same.
    nor daily mail,torygraph etc hedge funds ,financial services,big accountants( now LLP s another con),plus the usual suspects ,Dave,George,nor Ed or Nige will talk about this.,Presume you PAYE if you work.? Who I vcte for is personal,we have that right,do we not!

  12. DJ, It’s very unlikely that anyone i know in UKIP or in Euro-Labour, the Conservatives or the Fib-Dems for that matter would be involved in tax fraud; i’ve never heard of any UKIP members arrested for tax fraud so i don’t know where you’ve got that from??????
    I do work; and i pay tax and National Insurance contributions. No doubt most of the other people who post on here do likewise.
    You were the one who asked others who it was they voted for; and it seems it’s fine for you to request that people state who it is they vote for, while you keep your voting intentions to yourself!

  13. who do you vote for was a question! You really ought to get out more and stop reading the Mail, try other sources ,expand your reading ,and viewing, you may the understand why even OBR say 55 billion tax fiddling is rife amongst the wealthy!

  14. DJ; i’m sure everyone looking at your posts will have been able to work out that you were asking a question; i have previously said you were asking a question myself on a post or two above this one. I don’t believe i’ve ever stated what newspaper/newspapers i read; and as i don’t know you, have probably never spoken to you, it seems somewhat odd for you to state with certainty what paper i might be in the habit of taking. In actuality; and probably just like most individuals that have posted on here, i read a number of both National and local newspapers. Over the last two or three weeks i’ve read copies of the Express & Star, The Chronicle, Great Barr Observer, Sunday Mercury, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Daily Express and The Times. Online, i’ve looked at news items on The Guardian, Yahoo, MSN and BBC web sites. With regard to using reading sources other than newspapers, well a great novel i’ve just finished; and one i can highly recommend is crime noir thriller ‘The Black Eyed Blonde’ by Benjamin Black; set in early 1950’s Los Angeles, it’s an excellent addition to the late Raymond Chandlers, Philip Marlowe series.
    I actually agreed with you in relation to the widescale tax evasion by the wealthy you’ve mentioned on a couple of occasions, so i fail to see why you should state that i’m somehow failing to understand the points you made on the subject??????????

  15. I have spent the last copal of weeks reading up the ukip manifesto in regards to local councils and there funding.

    Broadly the ukip manifesto for local councils promises the world, provided you don’t ask for the specifics. “Tax should be as low as possible,” it says, with a further pledge in the economy and enterprise section to “reduce tax and business costs to stimulate the economy”, and another pledge that “council taxes should go down, not up”.

    But, it continues, this needn’t mean spending cuts: Ukip opposes the bedroom tax, plans to “build more grammar schools, reinstate the student grant and educational maintenance allowance” and protect rural schools.

    Ukip will also “improve care for the elderly” and “oppose cuts to frontline doctors, surgeons, dentists and nurses”, plus “improve road care as a priority” and “upgrade public transport”. There’ll also even be more free parking, and no road tolls for lorries – except, of course, foreign lorries.
    Youth services will get more investment. Frontline police won’t face cuts. And – naturally – libraries will be preserved.

    Lower tax and more spending for all. Not bad, eh? There’s really only three options here:

    1. Ukip may have discovered the philosopher’s stone and is generously planning to devote its proceeds to the public coffers.

    2: Alternatively, and arguably less plausibly, it feels the £53m a day (or £19m a day by the Guardian’s newspaper euro expense report) divide by 433 principal authorities(councils to you and me ) , aided by cuts to council allowances and the inevitable “efficiency savings”, will be enough to fund tax cuts and large spending hikes.

    3: Ukip may just be enjoying the privilege of minor parties in the UK: to making promises which are easy to like and impossible to keep – in the sure and certain knowledge you won’t be in power to keep them.

    Nice work if you can get it.

  16. Well James
    That is interesting if we pull out from Europe this council would in theory get £ 122,401 a day on ukips sums or £ 43,879 on the gardens sums. But the current government have cut the councils budget by £ 213,698 a day so ether way something would have to go and I am sorry to say I would rather see the library go rather that a child put at risk

  17. James; the UK Government now gives 55 million pounds every single day to the European Union; daily UK contributions to the EU moved above the 53 million pounds figure you quote some time ago.
    In addition to leaving the European Union and saving billions of pounds of UK taxpayers money in contributions, a UKIP Government would also scrap the current Foreign Aid budget and save UK taxpayers another eleven billion and four hundred million pounds per annum. (This would be replaced with a much smaller ‘Emergency Aid’ budget for use outside the UK).
    Most of the UK’s quango’s would also be abolished, as would all Local Council non-job posts; both measures saving UK tax payers further vast sums of their hard earned money.
    A UKIP Government would also withdraw from the European Human Rights Act and the European Court of Human Rights and establish a British Bill of Rights. All (approximately 12,000) foreign national prisoners currently in UK jails would be deported to serve their sentences in their home countries, saving UK tax payers an additional few million pounds. (Every foreign prisoner in UK jails currently costs UK tax payers seventy thousand pounds per annum).
    A UKIP Government would also scrap the EU HS2 rail project (part of the European Union’s T ENT transport policy) and save UK tax payers yet more many hundreds of millions of pounds.
    With regard to the UK EU contributions figure you quote from a report featured in the Guardian stating that the UK Government only hands over 19 million pounds per day to the European Union; well, i really can’t see many people across our nation actually believing that we only hand over getting on for two thirds less than the figure of 55 million pounds per day of our money that the FibCons do in fact stump up.

  18. Ok enough of the idiotic ramblings of a jumped up failed politico The uk received in grants in 2013 from the EU of £5,285,949,774.00 figures published from the EU web site of which Walsall business, council and other charities(including doctors ) received £28,225,637.00 in 2013

    On this website you can find the names of the beneficiaries (which I have xcross Referenced to get the Walsall number) of funds awarded (in budgetary terms: “committed”) by the Commission every year.
    The Financial Transparency System publishes only the beneficiaries of the following sources of funding:

    • EU budget directly administered by the Commission’s departments, its staff in the EU delegations, or through executive agencies
    • European Development Fund
    The following funding types are published on this site:
    • Grants
    • Prizes (as of financial year 2013)
    • Public procurement (including provisional commitments) (as of financial year 2013)
    • Public procurement including other expenditure (financial years 2011 and 2012)
    • Financial Instruments (as of financial year 2013)
    • Budget Support (as of financial year 2013)
    • External Experts (as of financial year 2013)

    Look at the facts not the jumped up hyperbole of want to be politicians

  19. Dave he may be wrong but the fact he cares is important this dose not need to be personal

    I agree with you we would lose more than we would gain by coming out of the European market it is as you say we don’t see where the money is used and how it affects us as the Eu do not advertise what it is doing well

  20. by the way It’s in euros not pounds easy mistake to.make just been to the web site by the way the next time we are in the cat can you give me a list of the companies who get a grant from the eu

  21. Dave, the United Kingdom has never received any money from the European Union. The money in EU grants to the UK you refer to is just a percentage of the massive sums of UK taxpayers money that has been handed over by our Quisling Government(s) and then grudgingly given back to the UK by unelected EU bureaucrats.
    You may consider me to be an idiot and ‘a jumped up failed politico’, but in the Local Council Elections in 2012, 627 electors in Pheasey/Park Farm voted for me. In this May’s Local Elections, the number of local residents voting for me almost doubled to 1,164. How many people voted for you i wonder? – Would that be a grand total of zero, none, zip? – Probably.
    Yes Dave, let’s look at the facts; and if you seriously think that many local residents would vote for someone telling them that receiving only around five billion pounds of their money back from the European Union in 2013, from the sixteen or so billion pounds of UK taxpayers cash that the UK Government handed over is a great deal, then put yourself forward as a candidate in next May’s Local Council Elections.
    James, the United Kingdom will gain, not lose, when our nation leaves the European Union. The EU does not advertise what it is doing well for the straightforward reason that it does nothing well – unless you consider EU fraud and corruption being committed on an industrial scale, a total lack of accountability and real democracy, the EU’s failed Governence and failed financial and currency systems, falling output and growth causing massive and growing unemployment across most of the EU, are somehow wonderful achievements to brag about.

  22. vote for Dave ?or Steve ?while Walsall and other northern towns & cities rot,you flap and blame like schoolgirls,whilst your rich wealthy backers laugh off shore at us all for putting up with it.
    Checked what happened to Phones 4 U ?,100 million made by bankrupting it by a few, all off shore,5000 out of work,paid for by us!
    Oh Comet too,hedge fund(plus numerous dodgyfirms)100 million plus profit for a few rich thousands out of work….Government action none.,what a joke,while we argue over EU scraps! BRAVO our not democratic politics,they laugh at us in democracies abroad with our awful electoral system…,30% of electorate you win!!!

  23. Hi DJ, i wish you’d told me about the rich wealthy off shore backers you reckon i’ve got before this May’s Local and European Elections. I must admit i could have done with more funding during the campaign. Be sure to keep in touch and remember to supply the Walsall UKIP branch with the names, addresses and telephone numbers of these rich wealthy off shore backers well before the General and Local Elections next Spring. Thanks.
    As for flapping, am i ? – Er nope, i don’t think so.
    In the not too distant future our supine, Quisling Government(s) will be handing over 20 billion pounds of UK taxpayers money every year to the European Union. Now yourself and all of the rich and wealthy individuals you appear to know, might consider 20 billion pounds per annum to be ‘scraps’; but i’d say to most people resident across the United Kingdom, that’s a very sizeable amount of money that could go a fair way to vastly improving (as you correctly state) our very hard pressed (rotting) Midland and Northern towns and cities.
    As for your claim of parties being able to win a UK General Election with just 30% of the national vote (and i’m presuming that you were referring to a national and not other elections) – well that’s unlikely in my opinion. I’d say a party could win a General Election by securing just 35% of the vote, but probably not less than that figure.
    I still agree with your views on clamping down hard on all of the major companies and wealthy individuals working really hard to avoid paying the correct levels of tax in the UK.

  24. Barely a fortnight since unelected, fascist, corrupt European Union Ministers, Commissioners and bureaucrats demanded another one billion seven hundred million pounds of UK taxpayers money in addition to the many billions of pounds the craven, cowardly FibCon Government have already handed over to them this year; the European Union yesterday announced that it had failed to sign off it’s books again. Making it the 19th year in succession that the EU’s accounts have not been in order.
    ‘Discrepancies’ in the EU’s accounts was the reason given for the books not being able to be signed off by the auditors. For ‘discrepancies’ read massive corruption and grand larceny on a vast scale committed by the European Union’s own highly paid employees.

  25. Continuing with a discussion along the theme of the appalling levels of major fraud and tax avoidance by large multi-national companies and wealthy individuals first highlighted on here by DJ a few days ago; Jean-Claude Juncker the latest unelected European Commission President and only a few days into his highly paid new five year job, is facing a series of potentially embarrassing questions relating to alleged sweet tax deals for major multinational companies in Luxembourg while he was Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy.
    It has been claimed that 28,000 pages of leaked tax documents including pages covering the 18 year period when Juncker was Luxembourg’s Premier, allegedly show how hundreds of the worlds largest firms used the Grand Duchy as some magical tax avoidance fairyland to dodge paying billions of pounds.

  26. I don’t think Juncker will worry much,his mate Mr.Almunia has announced investigation does not question the general tax in Luxembourg,so the many billions screwed out of ordinary euro folk will continue,by glaxo,hsbc etc.on the tax lending scam for subsidiary companies,in Luxembourg.
    What about building of houses on the stables off the Beacon Road past the school then any reaction anyone?

    • Sorry about the lack of updates.

      Yes I saw that and also there is planning permission for two homes in a barn conversion for Old Hall Farm. the planning rules as you know DJ were relaxed and where there is already building then people will try it. On each case you have to look at these with the rule of law and then your own personal view.

      For me this development is not right and totally agree with Walsall FOE on it, however I fear nothing can be done to stop it.

  27. Hi DJ, You’re almost certainly going to be proved right with regard to unelected, unaccountable EU fat cat Juncker avoiding being bought to book over his alleged involvement in allowing large multinational companies to avoid paying correct levels of taxes and thus screwing billions of pounds out of both British and European taxpayers.
    As you also correctly point out those ‘sweet tax deals’ for the large multinationals will very probably continue unabated and unopposed by anyone other than concerned individuals and anti EU political groupings/parties such as UKIP. UKIP at both local branch and national level are the only major British party currently talking about this issue; but what’s the betting that anti-British, pro-EU ‘Dead’ Miliband’s Euro-Labour, Cameron’s Conservatives, Cleggy’s lying Fib-Dems, the ‘Nats’ and the Greens say nothing (or nothing searching at any rate) about the serious allegations being levelled against Juncker.
    As to the proposal to build houses on land where there are currently stables just off Beacon Road near Barr Beacon School; UKIP, as i’m sure you’re aware, oppose all house building in Green Belt areas. I personally would also not be in favour of this or any other threat to develop any part of the Green Belt anywhere in Walsall, the wider Staffordshire county area or in any other part of the United Kingdom.

  28. Just a few days after it was announced that the corrupt, unnaccountable, undemocratic, fascist European Union had failed to have it’s books signed off for the 19th year in a row; that statement was closely followed by news that the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker is facing serious allegations relating to possibly illegal ‘sweet tax deals’ for major multinational companies in Luxembourg during Juncker’s 18 year stint as Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy.
    With such publicly poisonous details circulating in the media and in the wider public domain, you’d have thought that anti-British, pro-EU parties here would prudently want to converse with the British media and potential UK voters about anything other than the European Union at present; but no, that is not the case.
    For tomorrow, none other than the hapless, hopeless Euro-Labour ‘Dear Leader’ ‘Dead’ Miliband will be giving a speech in support of the European Union and Euro-Labour’s full support for the United Kingdom remaining fettered to the stinking corpse of the EU.
    Euro-Labour fell back in the polls this week to just 29%, the party’s lowest level of support since May 2010. Cameron’s mob have climbed to 35%, with UKIP climbing up from 18%, to just six percentage points behind Euro-Labour to 23%; while Cleggy’s Fib-Dems have collapsed to just 6%. After ‘Dead’s’ pro-EU speech in a matter of hours time, giving support to individuals like Juncker and supporting an organisation so massively corrupt it’s accounts have not been signed off for the better part of 20 years, could well lead to Euro-Labour’s poll rating dropping even lower still.

  29. Ok some things that Steve Gray will rant are wrong but they are all based on facts published by numbers groups including Ukip (by the way the have removed there manifesto from their web site I wonder why)

    Are there any viable options for Britain leaving the EU?

    No. An “amicable divorce” is a pipe dream.
    France, Germany and other leading EU nations would never allow Britain a “pick and mix” approach to the bloc’s rules.
    Norway and Switzerland have to abide by many EU rules without any influence over how they are formed.
    “If we weren’t in there helping write the rules they would be written without us – the biggest supporter of open markets and free trade – and we wouldn’t like the outcome,” argued David Cameron in speech last year.
    If Britain went for a clean break from the EU, its exports would be subject to EU export tariffs and would still have to meet EU production standards.

    What would be the impact on British jobs?
    Millions of jobs could be lost as global manufacturers move to lower-cost EU countries. Britain’s large foreign-owned car industry would shift into the EU and sectors linked to EU membership such as aerospace would also suffer. Airbus production could move to France and Germany, pro-EU commentators claim.

    Would Britons need visas to visit EU countries?
    The real issue is the right of UK citizens to work and live in EU member states, which may be restricted.

    Would Britain save money?
    No. The UK’s contribution to the EU budget is a drop in the ocean compared with the benefits to business of being in the single market, says pressure group Business for New Europe. It could be costly for UK exporters if they face EU legal arguments against UK standards – there could be a lot more court cases.
    The UK could lose tax revenue if companies dealing with the eurozone, especially banks, move from the City to the EU.

    What would be the effect on trade?
    The EU is the UK’s main trading partner, worth more than £400bn a year, or 52% of the total trade in goods and services.
    “The UK is always likely to be better positioned to secure beneficial trade deals as a member of the EU than as an individual and isolated player,” says Labour’s Europe spokeswoman Emma Reynolds. The EU is currently negotiating with the US to create the world’s biggest free trade area – something that will be highly beneficial to British business.

    Would the UK’s influence in the world change?
    Stripped of influence in Brussels, Berlin and Paris, Britain would find itself increasingly ignored by Washington and sidelined on big transnational issues such as the environment, security and trade.
    America and other allies want Britain to remain in the EU. The UK risks becoming a maverick, isolated state if it leaves.

    What would happen to Britons working in Europe, and EU citizens working in the UK?

    A lot would depend on what kind of deal was reached with the other EU nations. 711,151 UK citizens were living in other EU countries in 2011, says Eurostat.
    There would be uncertainty for many EU workers now paying taxes in the UK – what benefits, if any, would they be entitled to?

    Would taxes change?
    “Tax avoidance and evasion will reach crippling levels as our economy becomes increasingly wholly owned by foreign multinationals that make tax avoidance in Britain central to their business strategy,” claims pro-European The Observer newspaper.

    Would Britain’s legal system, democratic institutions and law-making process change?
    Britons benefit from EU employment laws and social protections, which would be stripped away. Withdrawal from the European Arrest Warrant could mean delays for the UK in extraditing suspects from other European countries; and the UK already has some opt-outs from EU labour law, including the Working Time Directive.

  30. Ukip have removed there bufm as they are just about to publish some more plotical rubbish as with all political stuff it is spined out of al proportion with realty

    I think what you have said is true but the other side is we have to make it on our own without and trading help and persuade manufacturers to come to the uk because of our cheep labour costs and lack if rules on how the staff work as none if the eu safe guards will be inforced in the uk

  31. Like all good politicians he is dedicated to their party and will follow the part line even if it’s totally bollocks. When reading anything from a diehard politicians take it with a pinch of salt

    Everything will be great if we leave the EU … Will it how about these questions

    1. What about trade tariffs that are imposed on companies outside of the eu to trade with the EU
    2. Cost of goods in this country 50 % comes from the EU and will have a tariff add to it
    3. Do we know how many companies will relocate because of this addition cost to running the company
    4. Tax if the company move registration to n the EU will we get any (Take Costa coffee in Ireland Uk get little to no tax returns because of this registration)
    5. Will our banks have to move there brass plate to an EU country to carry on trading with the EU
    6. Will our pensions be guaranteed as they are now under EU law (with the possibility of the investment banks moveing)
    7. What happens to all the Laws that involve the EU will that all have to be rewritten
    8. Do we have to pay the missing moneys for any long term projects that are started in the UK
    9. Immigration we already use large numbers of EU Nurses and doctors in the nhs if they all left overnight who will replace them?
    10. Staffing shortages in the service industry(try get served in a bistro with only uk staff?)

    The point I am making is that we have to look at everything not just the hypothesizing of politicians if we leave the EU we cannot get back in. The dangers are just like those that argued for Scottish independence this is an extreme risk to the Uk and it will be a matter of personal chose who you believe but either way this will have major implications to the uk which now that the genie is out the bottle we need to have a close look at what we are wishing for and hope it’s not a pig in a poke we chose.

  32. OK I GET IT YOU ALL ARE PRO THE EU I under stand change is frightening but come on, ok if we left the eu then we would face challenges but they are not insurmountable yes it will cost us jobs yes anything from the EU will be more expansive and yes it would solve the amount of eu workers in this country. we would need to replace the missing work force with people from India, afghans and other places from around the world we could start to trade with America and the rest of the world but we would survive

    but according to you 50 % of ore exports go to the EU and they have sinned a tpack or something like that with America so how do the rest of the world work ?

  33. most European countries want to join if they are not in as they see the advantage’s most other countries have trade agreements with there neighbouring countries or have joined regional coalition’s we would need to start afresh as we have nothing at the moment , even USA as you say have a as they will have to move trade argument with the EU so why should they bother with us

    With no army
    no trade agreements
    a banking system in crisis as they will have to move to keep the transaction costs down with anything to with the EU
    our pensions in danger as companies move out of the UK

    do your research don’t just take things for granted

  34. All options for the United Kingdom leaving the failing, massively corrupt, chaotic European Union are viable. Many of the other EU Member States export far more goods into the UK than the UK exports goods to other EU nations and when the UK quits the EU, European businesses will force the EU to do absolutely nothing that could halt the flow of their exports into the United Kingdom.
    Most EU Member States, especially those currently trapped within the shambolic Eurozone, are struggling financially, many of them rely heavily on their nations businesses having full access to profitible UK markets. On exiting, no EU tariffs will be imposed on British goods and services being exported to EU countries; and an amicable free trade settlement between the UK and EU will be established. Failure to do so would be disastrous for the already dangerously weak European Union.
    No manufacturers British or foreign owned will leave the efficient and highly productive UK market place; and no UK jobs will be lost when we leave the European Union. UKIP and many others believe that more new jobs here in the UK will be created, as cut loose from the current EU strait-jacket and all of it’s many restrictions, we begin once again to trade absolutely freely with all other nations.
    British citizens worked in EEC member countries prior to the UK joining the then EEC in January 1973; and British citizens will continue to work in EU member countries after the UK leaves.
    The United Kingdom will save approaching 20 billion pounds per annum by leaving the European Union; and the EU are simply not going to jeopardize EU exports to the UK by creating legal arguments against our nation.
    No banks or other financial institutions will leave the UK and move to any EU country; especially to countries currently trapped in the creaking, disfunctional Eurozone.
    The EU is not and has never been, the UK’s largest trading partner. British goods being transported for sale to countries outside the EU that pass through ports and airports in the EU on route to their final destinations are crazily currently classified as UK exports to the EU, which helps massively inflate the EU’s haphazard trade figures. The EU are not really all that hot on accurate facts, figures and data; it’s books have not been signed off now for the last 19 years!
    The United Kingdom is one of the worlds largest trading nations; and our influence will increase, not diminish when we leave the European Union.
    What will happen to Britons working in EU countries and to EU citizens working in the UK when we quit the EU? – They will continue to keep on working as they are now.
    Tax avoidance is a major and growing problem across many mainland European Union nations, Luxembourg being a prime example. A UKIP Government would clamp down hard on tax avoidance in an independent United Kingdom.
    A UKIP Government would quit the European Court of Human Rights, scrap the European Human Rights Act and introduce a British Bill of Rights.

  35. Ian and myself aside, everyone else posting on here at present are just a series of Christian/first names or initials. Others viewing the opposing statements above and not wishing to take part in a very polarised debate may wonder, as i do, why it is that a number of individuals are inclined to act in such a fashion. Ian is prepared to stand in the light and fight out in the open for his political beliefs; and has campaigned hard for a number of years for Euro-Labour. I too do not feel the need to fight my political battles simply hiding in the shadows behind a keyboard; and have stood as a UKIP candidate in a number of Parliamentary and Local Elections since 2001. In 2012 627 local electors voted for me in the Pheasey/Park Farm/Netherhall and Orchard Hills Ward in the Walsall MBC Local Elections. This year the number of electors in Pheasey/Park Farm/Netherhall and Orchard Hills voting for me in the ‘locals’ almost doubled to 1,164.
    What are the chances i wonder of the Pro-EU individuals posting on here revealing who they are and then throwing their hats into the ring as either candidates for whatever political party they may happen to support or failing that, as independent candidates in next May’s local elections? – Probably doubtful at best i’d guess.
    I, at any rate, have for a number of years been prepared to put my deeply held beliefs to the test at every opportunity, on sites like this one, in the local and national press, in public debates, out on the stump for fellow UKIP candidates in Wards and Constituencies other than my own; and here on my home patch, fighting my own and UKIP’s corners.
    Will there be UKIP leaflets delivered to every home in the Pheasey/Park Farm and Orchard Hills Ward covering detailed local, UK national and European Union issues in the run up to next May’s General and Local Elections? – Yes.
    The other parties and independent candidates will of course cover important local and UK national issues in their respective leaflets, but will they contain the kinds of detail pertaining to the European Union as posted by some of the individuals sniping from the shadows on websites like this one? – Probably not, no.
    Will anyone in fact be writing, printing and delivering Pro-EU leaflets, heavily detailed or maybe less so in the run up to next May’s elections anywhere in the United Kingdom? – Nope, probably not, i’d say.

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