School Crossing Consultation

Walsall Council are consulting on cuts to school crossing wardens. There are two categories of crossing and they are planning to make cuts to CAT 2 crossing – LINK

This does not appear to affect Pheasey or Meadowview schools. However as parents I believe the Council’s priorities should always be the safety of children first and foremost even if does not directly affect myself.

The Council should not make cuts in this vital service and I urge anyone reading this blog to lodge your thoughts HERE

have submitted my views that no cuts should be made and savings found elsewhere, for example how much did the Freedom of the Town to Noddy Holder cost ? A person who has never shown any pride in the Town he comes from.

3 thoughts on “School Crossing Consultation

  1. I agree Ian we need somebody to cross our children over the road. As to noddy holder what a decision does he pay his rates and taxes to our little borough! How about he forks out for a couple of lollipop persons! At least yesterday we had our potholes and pavements repaired here on park farm ….

  2. There has been no lollipop person at Collingwood Drive /Beacon Road for a while,is this a cut already Ian ?
    The last lady lollipopper there said that the funding would have to come from the School in Raeburn Road for her to continue.

    • I understood that DJ but it is a CAT 1 crossing and should have someone with no funding from the school. There was someone there a couple of weeks ago so maybe they do not have cover. I did post that the school would have to fund it, however the link makes it clear that is not the case as it is not on the CAT 2 listing.

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