Valerie Vaz on Great Barr Hall

Pheasey’s MP Valerie Vaz has released the following statement on Gt Barr Hall – LINK

“I then visited the two sites at Great Barr for which a planning application was submitted for 57 homes. I am concerned that the application was submitted just before Christmas not allowing residents enough time to look at the application. It is proposed that these homes will be built in the Green Belt, some on farmland and there is no allocation for affordable homes. Also there has been no consultation. The plans show the area around St Margaret’s Church will cause traffic congestion, change the character of the area and is against the local development plan. Residents are quite rightly upset. There is no housing need in the Borough and there are sites with planning permission which have not been built on.”

Tom Watson the MP for the Sandwell residents issued a statement on Friday that can be found HERE

Obviously I disagree with both of the MP’s on this issue and I look forward to the debates.