Chapel Lane to be Closed

Relevant I guess to all the other debates we have seen. Good job this is not in the rush hour !

Walsall Transport @WalsallTransprt

Roadworks Info: Chapel Ln (btwn A34 Bham Rd & Suttons Dr), road closed Mon 20 – Wed 22 Jan, 0930-1600, due to telecom repairs


I have been contacted by a couple of residents about this and no notification and sent the following E-mail off to the Transportation Department

Hi there,

I run the Pheasey Views blog and posted the following article ( about the closure next week.

A couple of residents have contacted myself to say there is no advance warning of this. I went down chapel Lane yesterday and there were no signs out.

Could you please check why there is no public notification of this a few days before the works ?

Apparently in the past residents have complained but no joy from the Council

Ian Robathan

9 thoughts on “Chapel Lane to be Closed

  1. Interesting to note that one resident has mentioned it takes 15 minutes to get off her drive in rush hour … wonder how many minutes that will be with 50 odd new houses and a hotel planted on Great Barr park with the only exit being Chapel Lane? 30 minutes?????? 45 minutes????????? The mind boggles. Tell me on this basis that a development is a good idea.

    • be serious … the extra cars would be minute compared to the numbers that go down there at rush hour, would make no difference at all. I remeber when they said Netherhall would cause traffic chaos on Queslett and it never happened.

  2. NO, you be serious, set aside your own views on this development and consider the facts! 15 minutes to get off your own drive, how would that suit you? How would it suit you if that was your lot and even just an extra minute was added to the 15!

    As for Queslett, those traffic lights on the Netherhall entrance get me every morning before 7AM, sat on the Queslett Rd stuck watching nothing go across my frontage, burning fuel and adding to the greenhouse gasses as the greens would say, for no apparent reason i would add. The traffic along Queslett Rd from the Scott Arms is ridiculous nowadays at any time. You my friend and i say friend loosely, as you are not an enemy, however, i do not know you(who knows, in the pub we may even buy each other a drink and have a decent old chat, perhaps one day we can, i hope we do and joking aside, i really do), You need to open your mind and consider all aspects. Seriously, these poor people are going to suffer in Chapel Lane, it simply is not fair.

    Ian, seriously, i mean what i say, we are not enemys, there is no animosity from me and i truly would buy you a beer and have a chat about anything other than our disagreements and most likely enjoy it. I am a 5 foot 50 year old grandfather of 9 and quite a nice guy really.

    P.S. Football would have to be off the agenda too as i refuse to discuss football with a Villa fan.

    • at this point Paul we have all said what we can, no need to keep going around in circles now unless new information is out in the open.

      That can be done at whatever meetings will be arranged etc.

      We have all the information we will get and much more than I would have expected to be honest. No one should now say that they do not have the info to make an informed decision.

      As for the beer, why not ? email me at ianrobo37atgmaildotcom

  3. there was notification prior to works ,BUT not in the useless Great Barr Observer,Walsall council as usual put note in WALSALL OBSERVER,which we do not get over here,Oh to have Councillors that live on our patch!
    And if you think its bad now, 200 plus homes in Booths lane and 400 plus on the Golf course. Asda is bad now to park & shop ,Quessy Rd.Beacon Rd. Aldridge Rd will soon be chaos 15 mins to get out!!Put a Supermarket where the hall was,and a Doctors Surgery,and school and Dentist ,the infrastructure round here is going to be Stressed out folks!

    • I may be incorrect DJ but I thought the development on the range (I used to play there and a very good facility, shame it closed) was just 250 ?

      But the issue should be the remodelling of the Asda Island and approaches and I have heard both Birmingham and Walsall councils will not work together on that. Remember the plans for the double decked car park ?

      Reminds me about the mail I sent will resend again. As you rightly say posting in the advertiser is a complete waste of time.

  4. Hi DJ; A Mr Bob Wild from the Booths Farm Neighbourhood Forum/Oscott Residents Association had a letter printed in last weekends edition of the Great Barr Observer outlining the Taylor Wimpey application for 249 houses to replace the golf driving range and leisure complex on Booths Lane and Sandy Lane over in Oscott, North Birmingham. It remains to be seen exactly what the majority of residents from Booths Lane Ashworth Road, Sandy Lane, Bowman Road and Caddick Road in Oscott think of this proposal, but i (and i’m sure a majority of other residents here on our Walsall side of the Queslett Road) agree with you that a development of this size is clearly going to cause even more congestion on our roads and lead to a greater demand for places at schools and dental and doctors surgeries over the border in that part of North Birmingham; and perhaps even further afield than that!!!!!!!

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