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Travelling on the 651 the other week I noticed a National Express notice advising passengers that the service was to be replaced on 22nd April by an extension of the 46 (former 406) from its terminus at Scott Arms Monday to Saturday. The 46 will terminate at Queslett Asda for these journeys. I can’t remember the timings but I think they were similar to the 651 service frequency.

My only concern is that the 46 currently uses single decker buses much longer than the mini-bus style used for the 651.
Will the 46 buses be able to negotiate the Nether Hall hill and the limited turning circle at the top with their existing vehicles?


Duncan, I can only presume this will be a small bus as many for that journey can use the 451 (the new numbers I hate !!) anyway and a walk up to the houses.

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  1. The latest information from the poster on-board the 651 puts the start date for the new extended 46 (ex 406) service back to 28th April and it will now during the duration of the daytime service follow the route of the 651 to the terminus at Pheasey Church/Collingwood Centre.

    The drivers are concerned that their single deckers (a foor longer than a double decker) will not be able to negotiate the hairpin that is at the top of Nether Hall Park hill. Also the parked cars are a hazard for the existing 651 vehicles so may be a further obstacle to the buses.

    Has a National Express route planner actually gone over the ground or was this a map exercise? The changing dates for the new route to start and route changes seem to suggest a lack of study.

  2. The bus route was subsidised by Bovis as part of the planning permission and that subsidy was to come to an end and the bus on Nether Hall removed. A petition by residents that I presented and then lobbied has gone a long way to secure a continued service on this route we will have to see how it works. The parking is appalling on Nether Hall but it was one of the issues that we all campaigned on when the application was going through and we have unfortunately been proved correct.

  3. I’m a driver for nx and they plan to run our normal sized single decker buses (most of which are 40 feet long) on this new route! With how cars were parked today I can definately see this as an issue!

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