SCHOOL & BIN UPDATE – Pheasey and Barr Beacon Open Tuesday and big snowdrifts

Well even sitting here I did not realise how bad the snow was around here. Did you see Midlands today up at Longwood Road Aldridge with the big snowdrifts ? Well look at this large snow drift at Barr Beacon.

We have just heard that Pheasey School is OPEN and I expect all the others to be open as well.

EDIT 21:00 Barr Beacon now open

Barr Beacon School @barrbeaconsch
We are open tomorrow (Tuesday 26th) thanks to a Herculean effort from the caretakers. All staff and students are in usual time.

Barr Beacon School @barrbeaconsch
Sixth formers – please don’t bring cars tomorrow as there are still snow mounds on car parks and you won’t be able to fit your vehicle on.

EDIT 21:30 – Bin update from the council is that they will try and collect where possible. I know it is likely in my close we will not have collections. Brown bin collection is suspended for next week in case of any uncollected green bins.