Snow update on Pheasey – Barr Beacon CLOSED Tues

Weather is getting better now in that no further snow forecast. Been out and the roads are passable on the estate but not great. Take care out there and especially tonight with temperatures predicted to be -5C.

Walsall Council finally got back about the gritting and pointed me towards THIS SITE run by volunteers. Go to Pheasey and note the high priority roads are Beacon Road, Collingwood Drive and Queslett Road.

I have received nothing back from the councillors as of this moment and I have to say where Hillingford Road, Romney Road and Wimperis Way are not high priority given the steepness of the hills is rather bemusing.

These roads are medium priority and they were certainly not down this morning when I went out. Also Collingwood is of the highest priority, that hardly looked gritted at all. It seems however side roads in Aldridge were done today, why is Pheasey left out ?

The answer to that may be self evident to many of us who live here.

From what I have heard all the schools will be open tomorrow which is good news.

Buses also appear to back to normal with the 997 and 5 running a normal service through the estate.

As for the Bin Collection the details can be found HERE for tomorrow’s collections. I would say a lot of us will be missed out.

Also would it not be a good idea for Walsall to copy Sandwell and get Snow Champions sorted. I cleared most of where I live but would be great if people did it around the area.

EDIT – 14.24

Barr Beacon School @barrbeaconsch
Due to continuing snowfall, school will be closed to students and staff tomorrow (Tuesday 22nd January) except for those taking exams.

I am surprised at this news as it is not too bad out there and teachers would be able to get in

4 thoughts on “Snow update on Pheasey – Barr Beacon CLOSED Tues

  1. National Express West Midlands services 5 and 997 were not serving Collingwood Drive and Hillingford Avenue this morning. The 5 was using Queslett Road from Asda and the 997 was using Beacon Road. I only found this out when I was told by another bus user at the shelter. What method of communication was used by National Express (if any) to inform passengers that they had temporarily changed the routes? I accept that changes may be necessary to kep the services running and given Ian’s comments above re gritting but it is no fun waiting in the cold for a bus that will not turn up!

    • Hi Duncan, I posted a link on my previous Snow post to Nat Ex site with the service disruptions.

      The thing is they say Collingwood drive was a priority (which should allow the 451 (refuse to call it the 5 !!) to run) and yet clearly when I looked at 10 this morning it was NOT gritted.

  2. Duncan

    I use Facebook for my updates. A site called OIur Walsall gives you info on gritting, school closures and bin collection. The National express page gives all info on bus changes. Ian our road was gritted today but I know Collingwood Drive was only gritted on one side this morning. I always thought that bus routes were normally gritted, but obviously that isn’t the case

    • very random only gritting one side of Collingwood isnt it ??

      It is clear from the map link I gave that Collingwood is a priority whilst Hillingford is not .. can not work that one out ,

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