Lapworth Architects ask for your views on Gt Barr Hall

It is pleasing to hear that the architects that the new owners of Great Barr Hall are talking in depth about rebuilding the hall.

These are Lapworth Architects and on their website HERE they talk about the vision of rebuilding the Hall and re landscaping the Gardens.

They are asking for your views and it would be good if we can provide them with feedback so this can go into the whole process.

A key quote is here

Hopefully in the not too distant future the corner will be turned and the Hall and Park will be returned to something like its former glory.

However I have to ask the question on how much a restoration in part or in full will cost and where that money will be obtained from. The architects have a well deserved good reputation so this is a serious bid.

A compromise may well have to be some form of further house building on the land. However the promising feature of this is that they are talking openly to all willing parties.