The Beacon lit for the Queen

I should state I am a republican but I do not begrudge at all the last few days of celebrations.

So at 22:30 last night a Beacon was lit at the top Barr Beacon to celebrate this occasion. Unfortunately the numbers were limited to just 200 (no real idea why, health and safety according to THIS). This was a great shame as I am sure if it was open the publicity it would have got would have been much greater for the area.

Walsall Wildlife were there to record this event and the pictures can be found HERE.

This is their excellent blog on the event.

3 thoughts on “The Beacon lit for the Queen

  1. At the time of the Queen’s Coronation in 1953, the Labour Party had a membership of approx 5 and a half million; the Liberal and Conservative parties also had similar large memberships. At every Local/County Council, General and European (from the 1990’s) election since 1951 the percentage of votes cast for the FibLabCon parties has fallen, as has membership levels for all three parties; Euro-Labour membership for example has plummeted from 5 and a half million sixty years ago down to under 180,000 today.
    On Monday of this week over 1 million Loyalists were in London to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee, while millions of other Loyalists all across the United Kingdom joined in the celebrations in their home Cities, Towns and Villages. Contrast that with the sixty Republicans who turned up on the banks of the Thames protesting against the Monarchy, who within minutes of beginning their protest had to be protected from angry Loyalists by members of Her Majesties Metropolitan Police force.
    Growing numbers of British people hate most FibLabCon poiticians and would certainly not like to see for example a President Miliband, Cameron or Clegg. Even worse, i dread to think of being stuck with a murdering, lying, blood soaked, money grubbing Tory war criminal like Tony B’Liar as El Presidente of the Franco/German colony of the 12 Western Island Regions of the European Union. (formerly known as the United Kingdom).
    I was really pleased that we had a Diamond Jubilee beacon in Pheasey/Park Farm on Barr Beacon; and it was good to see the many Loyalists right across our suburb displaying various UK flags and bunting on their homes. No Surrender, God Save The Queen.

  2. We joined in the celebrations on Barr Beacon and have to say it was slightly disappointing although the band made a sterling effort to rouse people’s spirits. Well done to them. The actual beacon was rather small when compared to Malvern hills huge inferno and 200 people looked quite sparse up on the wilds of the beacon. Perhaps in future a real party atmosphere could be arranged as opposed to a quite stuffy occasion. But well tried to all who organised it.

    • I do not understand why it was limited, you had 2000 people go up the Malverns and had a great time. Imagine if they had made it a proper event up there ?

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