Phone Mast to Stay

The Great Barr Observer has just said on FB that the legal battle to remove the Waverley Avenue phone mast has been lost.

A High Court bid to remove a mobile phone mast, which was erected at the junction of Waverley Avenue and Beacon Road without planning permission, has failed. Walsall Council brought action against Vodafone, which used a legal loophole to install a mast despite the council refusing permission. The phone giant argued it never received copies of the decision within the 56-day limit and pressed ahead with the installation. This week’s ruling means the mast can stay where it is.

This is bad news for the local residents who have fought a battle to remove this.

6 thoughts on “Phone Mast to Stay

  1. What a surprise,Bird,Towe and Andrew all live close by I suppose,so it affects them as our local reps.When you read that Russia,china even disallow these thing close to homes ,well.The ills at Wishaw and Dudley with cancers sleep problems etc,not from heat generated as our test regimes test, but from cell damage as found world wide is scarery.TIME TO MOVE!

  2. Cancer treatment is also needed ,even the USA,scandinavian lands ,germany do not allow it in residential areas,even if we need masts ,why in residential estates? DJ.

  3. DJ, Ian and others posting on here have a very valid point to make with regard to the siting of mobile phone masts in for example suburban areas such as Pheasey/Park Farm and reports of clusters of cancer cases around the vicinity of masts.
    Research into instances of cancer clusters around the sites of mobile phone masts is ongoing as we debate this; and while that is so, i feel that laws allowing the erection of phone masts in suburban or inner Town and City areas should be repealed.
    No one i’ve spoken to in our suburb regarding this topic is in favour of the mobile phone mast remaining at the bottom of Waverley Avenue; and i would imagine that there are probably very few residents that would be sorry to see it’s speedy removal!!!! KAAABOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!! – WHOOSH – CRASH!!!!!!!!!

  4. DO you know anything about the phone mast extension reported the news paper … is it getting higher or going to 4 masts ect…

  5. The Phone company are asking to increases the height of the phone mast is anyone opposing this and is our council up to the job of refusing this or is it just another waste of time ?

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