Sad farewell for THE YAMYAM

The Yam Yam got me into starting this blog. I was looking for news about Pheasey and came across it with it’s wonderful list of bloggers and news stories from Walsall.

Now at the end for today it ceases, the site’s owner Mark can not do it anymore and for Walsall and news information it is a massive blow and for people of Pheasey where we get little news about Walsall we have lost a valuable and much loved resource.

Thanks Mark for all your hard work, you will be sorely missed more than you can ever believe.

I will miss the site a lot for various reasons not lest the number of hits it provided to make people aware of Pheasey.

I hope in weeks to come you will miss it as much as I will and find some way of resurrecting it.

The people of Walsall need it !

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