Campaign to save Pheasey Library

As the run up to the council decision on the cuts the temperature for the threat to Pheasey Library is hotting up. I have heard of several people trying to start a campaign but on FACEBOOK Charlotte-Rose Stringer has started up an online campaign to save the library.

I am very happy to support this campaign and happy to give it as much publicity as possible


Six libraries are due to be closed in the area, one of them being Collingwood Library due to cost. I am trying to get as many people to help save it. It is a brilliant library and has had many fun activities in the past. I have so far printed a petition which I will take into school and so will my sister. We are trying to get as many people to sign and then will take it to our local councillor! The library is used for many things and provides our local community with many exciting events! This group originally started with myself and my sister wanting to do something to help and we are so pleased with all your support!

If you support this campaign please click the attending link.

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