Pheasey gets new dispersal orders, just in time for Xmas

Good news for Pheasey residents as we finally get new dispersal orders from Dec 22nd to June 22nd 2011.

This story from ‘This is Walsall

RESIDENTS living on a Great Barr estate are set for a quieter Christmas thanks to a new police intervention scheme.

A dispersal order aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour across Pheasey, will come into force on Wednesday, December 22.

The order was granted by Walsall police in consultation with Walsall Council and will be in effect until June 22, 2011.

The dispersal order will allow police officers to remove groups of two or more young people between 9pm and 6am and anyone under 16 found in the area by police, without an adult or parent supervision, can be taken back to their place of residence.

Sergeant Andrew Middleton, from the Streetly and Pheasey neighbourhood team, said:” We have received complaints from local residents and businesses about young people congregating and causing nuisance in and around the Pheasey Estate.

“The new dispersal order strengthens our power within the area which will mean we can disperse groups.

“We take anti-social behaviour seriously and hope the new dispersal order will be a very effective addition to our armoury when it comes to dealing with problems of this nature.

“If you are affected by anti-social behaviour then please call me or one of my team on 0345 113 5000.”

The action was taken following complaints from local residents about groups of young people congregating outside shops and bus shelters causing general nuisance.

Streets covered by the dispersal order include Collingwood Drive, Beacon Road, Doe Bank Lane and surrounding areas .