Queslett Road speed camera must stay

Various newspaper outlets are reporting that the government are thinking about removing 6000 speed camera’s around the country (though these are decisions at a local level)

News of the World Report

I would urge our three local councillors on Pheasey with all their power NOT to allow the removal of the one on Queslett Road at the Deer’s Leap Pub.

Before this camera was introduced we had deaths on this stretch of road and after the camera’s and closing of the gap I believe we have had none. The camera I believe is an important cause of this important stat. as someone who has travelled this stretch of road every day to work for the past 12 years I know the impact o speed they have had.

One thought on “Queslett Road speed camera must stay

  1. I’d agree with you: I’m not a fan of speed cameras generally, but this is one of the places they probably actually help. People go far too fast on some sections of Queslett Rd, given the traffic density, visibility, and hazards.

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