Open letter to Barr Beacon School on academy status

I have just sent this letter to Barr Beacon Head and governors as an open letter, I will post any reply here

Dear Headteacher and Chair of Governors

I am writing to seek assurances from you that any move to consider Academy status will be subject to the broadest possible consultation with parents and the local community before any decision is made.

Regardless of whether we are for or against academy status, it is a matter of utmost importance that people are able to discuss the issues with all the available evidence and opposing views on the table.

Please can you make those reassurances as a matter of urgency.

I will be posting this as an open letter on my Pheasey blog as linked below

Yours Sincerely

Ian Robathan

(ex pupil of Barr Beacon, resident of Pheasey for 38 years and with a child at Pheasey Junior and likely to be Barr Beacon)

This possible decision is far too big to be left to the transient parents of the pupils at Beacon now but should be open to all who live in the catchment area are the future parents of Beacon kids.

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  1. ive been trying to speak to someone at the school with regard to my daughters english teacher , ive been to parents evening ….where she couldnt possibly stop to see me at 7pm , i have e mailed , and i have no called twice but still have not spoken to anyone ,can you offer any advice on where to go next as, this english teacher has lied to the children and made them feel inadequate and she has failed to work extremely important coursework on time after threatening the children , she barely turns up for classes and when she does its a do what you want attitude and dont bother me im having a break

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