Barr Beacon applies to become an academy, it is wrong to do it.

It has been confirmed last Friday that Barr Beacon has applied to become an academy under the new governments proposals


However as a ‘non outstanding’ school it will have to wait behind the ‘outstanding’ schools like the grammer ones at Queen’s Mary as obviously they need the more help under Michael Gove’s plans.

Even as a labour party member I was totally against our plans for academies and this news that Barr Beacon has applied for it as an ex pupil there (none of our local councillors were) and with a prospective pupil (abeit in 7 years) I am totally against it.

This site here lists all the reasons


and the most worrying is the totally undemocratic nature of the system and the removal of the school from democratic control is the most worrying one of all.

If you are interested in discussing these plans please comment on this thread or contact myself at

In the interests of fairness I would be happy to publish an article for these plans.