Update on Beacon Road

I know from the searches that drives traffic here the Beacon Road situation is of a concern to a lot of you.

As I posted a couple of days back the road is still one way and just receved this e-mail from the council confirmed the nearside lane is still unsafe while investigations continue.

Dear Mr Robathan

Thank you for your query with regard to the temporary signals on B4154 Beacon Road. As I am sure you are aware the road was closed recently for a number of days due to the potential for a landslip off Barr Beacon and whilst an initial assessment of the situation has allowed the road to reopen part of the carriageway is still considered unsafe by our structural engineers to have traffic flowing over it. Further site investigations will be undertaken by specialist contractors but whilst there is a risk to the travelling public it is not feasible to remove the lights and allow normal use of the road. Please be assured that we are working towards resolving this issue and will do so as soon as is possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries in the meantime.