Plans for Old Petrol garage ?

I have heard a rumour that the old petrol station on the corner of Moreland road has finally been purchased with definite plans for the future.

The rumour is that Raj who owns the chemist shop at the Terminus and the adjourning row of shops has purchased this with the intention of moving the new Dentist down there hence the still make shift nature of the dentists,

I have checked the Walsall planning site and no plans have been submitted from what I can see, can anyone confirm the plans. This site has been an eyesore for far too long now so any prospective building work is to be welcomed.

BTW Walsall council should make the planning site easier to search, Birmingham’s site is much easier.

2 thoughts on “Plans for Old Petrol garage ?

  1. You obviously do not read our leaflets this announcement was made some time ago and it is not a rumour it is fact. The proposal is for a new dentist.

    Unfortunately a previous application for residential supported by local people and councillors was unable to proceed because of difficulties with the freehold.

    The new dentist in Collingwood shops has, I am told by planners, been set up on a temporary basis as per the funding (not sure of details on that) and will move to permanent new home if all goes well next year.

  2. Thanks Adrian, I must have missed that leaflet, at least it will be put into productive use there as now it is a haven for god knows what.

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