Incident at the flats ?

Just drove by the flats at the Terminus and 6 ambulances there including incident response units. Asked West Mids Ambulance service what is going on, will update when I have a reply. Pics are from my dash cam and not phone whilst driving !!

Any news regarding Collingwood Surgery

After the news I broke a couple of weeks ago I have been that over the past few months a lot of patients have been moving to the new surgery on the Queslett. Remember at the moment the Collingwood has only one FT doctor. Also in the review of Walsall GP’s a lot of them…

Proposed changes to Collingwood Surgery

Valerie Vaz has jus altered me to the proposed changes to the surgery Due to the current contract being up the Walsall Commissioning Group are looking at alternatives. For Collingwood the proposal is reduce the opening hours of the Surgery. In basic terms they are looking at reducing late night and weekend opening. Over 5600…

Sad News – Pheasey CAB to close

Sorry to say this, last year Walsall CAB was under threat from Tory cuts but the Lab council then managed a stay of execution for a lot of it’s services. However the sad inevitable news of government central cuts finally hits home. Whilst I wished the Labour/LD run council could have done more, I do…

GREAT Video of Pheasey 1995

Wow this is a great find by Jez Couzens on YouTube Note the cars, the buses and of course the old library and neighbourhood offices !! Actually notice how quiet the roads are and esp around the old horns, never like that now ! Great find !