Great news that Aldi has been rejected planning permission for their plans at the Old Horns. This from fiends at Birmingham LIVE – LINK 

The planning inspector has rejected it based not he damage to the trees on site. However I am concerned they passed it on the traffic and pollution grounds. Stand there on any time and count the numbers fo cars then think if there is an increase. Aldi’s claim is that they would take traffic from ASDA to compensate, I do not believe them !!

Declare Interest – we shop at Aldi at the Scotts.

So is this the end ? Well Aldi for some reason seem desperate for that site, when there are sites in Kingstanding and Perry Barr they could use, so we will see.

3 thoughts on “Aldi REJECTED

  1. Hi Ian,
    Good to hear that the Aldi proposal to build a store in Oscott, just a few hundred yards along from the Old Horns Island and the Asda store has been rejected. That part of the Queslett Road is busy enough without putting even more traffic on it !!!! A welcome outbreak of common sense.

    • well remeber Birmingham planning overwhelming rejected it and Aldi even tried a ‘bribe’ but that should be it now…. now if they look at the Circle could build it there in the precinct …

      • Hi Ian,
        An even better choice of location for an Aldi or two would be the sites of the European Union Parliament buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg. No jobs at new Aldi’s though for Juncker, Barnier and co, oh no; the EU is so shambolic and corrupt the EU’s own auditors have been unable to sign off it’s own books for the best part of 25 successive years now. For example a couple of years ago EU auditors could not account for a missing, eye watering, Euro equivalent of £5 Billion Pounds Sterling. Much of that cash originating from British and German taxpayers.
        Imagine those undemocratic EU crooks working for a firm like Aldi; they’d be broke within months!!

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