Proposed changes to Collingwood Surgery

Valerie Vaz has jus altered me to the proposed changes to the surgery Due to the current contract being up the Walsall Commissioning Group are looking at alternatives. For Collingwood the proposal is reduce the opening hours of the Surgery.

In basic terms they are looking at reducing late night and weekend opening. Over 5600 patients use the surgery, including me and this would deeply impact workers. Remember the Govt want a ‘7 day NHS’ and yet they propose to stop our local one offering this.

The proposal is therefore to move this service to a local ‘hub’ but not said where, given the only other surgery on Pheasey is not big enough for this, can only presume an Aldridge one.

I do not want to drive to my doctors when I can not have time off work to go to an appointment, this is nonsense for us.

There is a consultation for this HERE and of course I have responded and I urge everyone else to do the same. As this is outside of political control (that in itself is a disgrace) then this is the only way we can make our feelings known.

(there is a lot of local news and apologies for lack of updates !!)

I may round this up at a later date,

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