#Aldi Planning REJECTED

Great news today from Neil Elkjes at the Birmingham CC planning meeting.

By a unanimous vote of 11-0 the planning application for ALDI has been rejected.

It is nonsense to suggest the roads around the Old Horns can cope with another supermarket and especially has ALDI has a high turnover of cars.

Even at so called quiet times the Island can get slowed up and the quality of life for residents is decreased. As mentioned before we have an Aldi at the Scott’s and Beggars Bush to use (we use the Scott’s) and that is more than enough.

However I suspect Aldi will come back again 😦

2 thoughts on “#Aldi Planning REJECTED

  1. Hi Ian,
    I couldn’t agree more! The last thing we need is more congestion on the Old Horns island, Queslett Road, Aldridge Road and Beacon Road. Well done to our neighbours on the Planning Committee at Birmingham City Council for rejecting Aldi’s application to build a store just off Queslett Road.
    As you say, no doubt Aldi will put in another application for the same site in the not too distant future.

    • yep I saw no official rep ever say they were for it and I noted no elected rep said they were either.

      The thing is I see no way they can get over the traffic issues so it looks dead. Especially as yes Aldi have smaller car parks but watch just the high turnover of cars.

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