Petitions and false information

The Tories now have a petition against the Boundary commission plans where we are moved to Birmingham Erdington.

I have just been asked to sign it by a neighbour who whist it is not her fault, is unaware of the FACTS behind the plans. When I challenged her she said it was to move Pheasey into Birmingham, IT IS NOT.

This petition has Chris Towe’s name against it and clearly he has not briefed the women clearly or frankly gave her false information. Lets clarify it for anyone confused.

  • These plans are because The Tories want to reduce the number of MP’s
  • These plans are messy because the Tories had a fixed number and allow little variation to it
  • The boundary commission did the same exercise a couple of years ago and the proposed seat then was even messier than now
  • Don’t just say we don’t want something when the knock on impact impacts the whole plan in around North Birmingham/Walsall
  • Also to state again this is NOT ABOUT moving Pheasey to Birmingham

Hope that clarifies some of this but of course when you don’t tell people the truth because it was your own party policy, then knocking my door is one big mistake.

EDIT – I will always give the right of reply of reply to opposing views, so Adrian Andrew has replied in the comments, have a read of that. He says he has opposing plans but I have looked at this and can not see how he can fit Pheasey into either Walsall constituencies without impacting others.

One thing to note is that observers of this process think that there is little chance of many changes as the whole system is so inflexible.

13 thoughts on “Petitions and false information

  1. Ian you are here again jumping to conclusions. We have been quite clear when speaking to people in Pheasey Park Farm and in Orchard Hills that it is the Boundary Commission doing this because the Tory Government is trying to reduce the number of MP’s and again if you had read my comments a number of weeks ago in the Observer I was critical then. We have also been clear with the people that we represent that we have no support from the party because they believe that adding PPF to erdington makes that constituency more winnable and frankly we don’t give a toss about that we are here to represent the views of local people who seem totally opposed to moving constituencies let alone moving into Birmingham Council which of course is not the proposal – something else we have been clear about when we have spoken to local people. I do remember sometime ago you espousing the area moving into Birmingham Council.

    It is the job of the Boundary Commission to draw up the plans and although we will be putting forward an alternative that keeps the area a Walsall Constitunecy you are clearly more concerned about the overall impact of an alternative rather than the area and your priority seems to be to ensure Birmmingham is not inconvenienced rather than the people we represent. The petition clearly asks the Boundary Commission to recognise the historic links to Walsall and Aldridge Brownhills when putting their final proposals together it does not say we are just opposed because that will get us nowhere.

    I have had a meeting with all 3 political leaders in Walsall and we are contacting Jack Dromeys Office for support because this is not a party political issue for us, and we are rarely party political, this about the job we are elected to do – represent the residents of this area. I can tell you from the many many people we have spoken to at events and on the streets residents are up in arms about this despite many of them having been born in Brum.

    I would suggest instead of jumping to conclusions merely to criticise local Councillors, as you did with the Mast recently, that you get in touch to get the facts – you have of our contacts – you still might not agree but at least you will be a little better informed. We were going to approach you to support the opposition to these changes but clearly you are in favour of them and are choosing to make it party political.

    • No Adrian, you sent someone out here to canvass/petition and her only line was

      ‘I don’t want to be in Birmingham’

      Thats it, have you got a withdraw map then within the rules you lot set out ?

      I know for a fact Robert Alden’s only change to Erdington in the Birmingham Tory proposal was to remove Stockland Green and replace with Tyburn. He still had Pheasey in Erdington. So can you say EXACTLY where you would place Pheasey then because I don’t see how it can be moved ?

      BTW back in 2013 I submitted my thoughts to the BC back then, you never and that seat was in was a monstrosity, how come now and not then ?

      Oh of course you want us to be Aldridge, suits you doesn’t it, but the RULES are clear and strict about this. But heck carry on spreading FALSE news and pretend to do things you actually could have influenced.

      As for your piece in the Gt Barr Observer I replied to it but was not printed (they do very few letters now) but reproduced it here. for you to claim you never heard of Stockland Green is one of the most laughable and yes snobbish things I have ever heard.

    • Cllr Robert Alden’s requested change to Birmingham Erdington is to tear Stockland Green (which has strong connections to Erdington) out of Erdington to Birmingham Perry Barr! And move Tyburn back into Birmingham Erdington, nothing about moving Pheasey Park Farm back into Walsall!

      The reason why this has happened is because of gerrymandering by the Tory Government AND the requirements set for no ward splits.

  2. Ooh, a cage has been rattled. It is interesting that the tory leader of Somerset County Council was on the radio this week speaking out against national tory policy. Are there any tories agreeing with the government. Even our Tory MP is being critical in the house and, at 34 in his first term, that takes some guts.

    • Well remeber Andrew R that Mike Bird said the cuts went too far, I agree with Mike (for once) but again you have petitions going around etc but no alternatives given, just save our little bits ….

      they can be on a year basis but did you know Hull today said 70% of their £350M budget goes on social care, bet Walsall no difference so nothing will be left soon to save.

  3. This news about the proposed parliamentary boundary is not new – it was in the Great Barr Observer some time ago and it was clearly explained then what would happen. Jack Dromey the Labour MP for Erdington said it would make his job more difficult in communicating with two MBC’s Birmingham and Walsall for the same constituency when residents had raised any issues. The principle of maintaining parliamentary wards located within the same council boundary should be preserved as long as possible. Even if it does have to be sacrificed at least link us with a West Bromwich constituency as both Walsall and West Bromwich were formerly in Staffordshire, this would continue the historical and cultural links that we share with our Black Country neighbours. Certainly the myth that we are moving into the Birmingham council area for council tax and services by this PARLIAMENTARY change should be explained to the worried and confused as completely false.

    • Forget Staffordshire links, very few of us were even alive during that.

      As for the rules they are clear, no exceptions and remeber the last review had us both with great barr and Oscott wards where one seat crossed three councils, in that way this one is better.

      However it is about pure numbers, the Tories fixed the rules so tight and not allowing split ward rules does mean some wards look out of place. Adrian says he has plans for Walsall seats but this has to fit in with other seats, for example Wolves/Walsall and Dudley/West Brom, no single ward is an island. If it was we would still be in with Walsall South.

      This review is far better than the previous farce but I think it is all irrelevant as I predict (and no one should predict in 2016 !!) that we will have a spring 2017 election.

      Adrian is clearly desperate for us to be linked with Aldridge as he lives there but how many of us in this part of Pheasey actually ever visits Aldridge ? I do on my bike very regularly and I can bet I am one of a few eh ?

      • Ian, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the Staffordshire links. I took part as a schoolchild in the Addyes and Scott foundation prize competition run under Staffs CC as did the other Pheasey/Park Farm schools in the mid 70’s and the county only became the MBC in 1974. I agree we have links to B’ham but not to the Erdington constituency – Perry Barr would seem a better choice there although the pressure for incorporation into Greater Birmingham as a council ward would be a likely outcome which some would favour – others would not.

  4. regardless of the councils they are all frankly close to collapse so that hardly matters does it ?

    I was born in 72, born in Birmingham, support Warwickshire etc, the boundary hardly matters to me, matter of 200M isn’t it ?

    What I hate about this this petition and what they have said in public is the refusal to accept it is their own govt policy. Then send out an old lady with the petition who had no answers to what I said because she only did because she ‘hates Birmingham’ which is total nonsense in itself.

    Esp as anyone living here as long as I and you Duncan basically have Brummie accents ha ha …

    In these times this petition and the one for the cuts which has no name attached to it shows the problem that of course they can not admit they have no answers. Remeber to save the library the Tories borrowed cash and that is now costing us an extra 25K a week according to Cllr Lee Jeavons, deputy leader. We can dispute that but for years the Tories refused to put in long term plans and now this is the consequence.

    • oh and you are spot on Duncan about some people’s desire for a Greater Birmingham which I don’t want and will refuse to vote for a Mayor. However lets remember all the Tories and Labour councillors all voted for it, so you know who to blame. When I was at Lab meetings a couple of times had right arguments over this undemocratic taking of power.

  5. I’ve spoken with quite a number of my neighbours with regard to the proposed Boundary changes; and I’ve yet to meet anyone locally who thinks that the recommendations made are a good idea; views that clearly match those of all of the individuals that have made comments on this particular post thus far. It’s a bad and an unpopular idea from plans made during the Cameron/Osborne Conservative led Government, which hopefully Theresa May’s new administration will look at and change. We can but hope!!
    Hi Ian; With regard to visiting Aldridge; I’ve been shopping there since the 1970’s and still make visits on a regular basis, where I do see quite a number of other residents from Pheasey/Park Farm.
    I’ve heard you speak Ian; you do not have a ‘Brummie’ accent. Like myself and probably Duncan as well, you have a Pheasey accent.
    Pheasey/Park Farm For Aye! – Staffordshire For Aye!

  6. I don`t care which party proposed this, but it does seem that Pheasey and Orchard Hills are definitely due to be moved politically to Birmingham. At least there is some attempt at finding a solution agreeable to our communities. Whether it will work or not we will have to see.
    Alan Crunden.

    • well if the govt had allowed split wards then maybe a solution, but you can not take one ward of 8500 voters in isolation there is a whole interlinked move that has to take part. When as Connor says above the Brum Tories are proposing something else you can not be in isolation can you ? Anyone who says so is fooling you.

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