Asda Queslett – future in doubt ?

Tonight I have heard from two separate people the same story. Also a third person has confirmed part of this rumour is true.

I will post it here for discussion.

The story is that Asda at One Stop will be closing. This is no surprise as obviously it is outdated. The rumour goes that they will be moving to the Tuckers site on Walsall Road which is now derelict, to build a new mega store.

That part of the rmour has been confimred by three people as what is being said.

The second part of the story is just by two people. This is that Asda at Queslett is under some doubt as to it’s future. If the mega store opens on Walsall road then obviously it will suck in a lot of shoppers from Perry Beeches which now go to Asda. Also it is said the Queslett store is making a loss.

Obviously no way of confirming this but thought would pass it on.

5 thoughts on “Asda Queslett – future in doubt ?

    • be interesting if you find anything out on the grapevine Adrian. Obviously it is not on your ‘patch’ as a councillor but all the problems and yes jobs it brings are !

      I would say to many with the traffic problems Asda closing would not be a problems. However with the refusal rightly of the expansion plans for it then I do believe that if the mega store opens a short distance from the Beeches and Oscott that attracts their shoppers, the future for an Asda at Queslett could be limited.

  1. Hi Ian,
    An important posting; not least for all of the people in our suburb employed at Asda’s Queslett store, as you’ve mentioned above.
    The Queslett store generally looks very busy and i’d be surprised to hear that the outlet is in fact running at a loss as has been suggested. But if it actually transpires that the Queslett store is losing money with the large volume of customers on the site that I see on a regular basis, I would wonder how many more customers Asda would need to cram into the place to then register a profit?

    • You have to remeber Steve that Asda like all the super markets run on low margins. Therefore a slight decrease in custom can vastly impact their profitability (as seen at Tesco’s). We have all but stopped using Asda ourselves now and go to Aldi at the Scotts or New Oscott because the cost difference is massive (£20 per weekly shop) and we are not the only ones doing that.

      If the rumour is correct and a mega store opens on the old Tuckers site then I can not see how a smaller Asda just 3 miles away and after a lot of the same catchment area can survive.

  2. Hi Ian,
    I saw one of my friends from Walsall Wood today; and like your family he and his wife have switched to Aldi and are also seeing substantial savings on their weekly shopping. I use the Aldi at Scott Arms from time to time.
    I agree that if a new Asda is built on the old Tucker Fastners site, the Queslett outlet could then well be under threat of closure.

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