Pheasey Community Centre an update #walsall

OK you may have noticed been away for a while, apologies for that but things happening to me which lost my enthusiasm a bit.

However back now and with a good story it seems nowhere else is covered, which I find strange and especially the great Barr Observer. There are some general details on the facebook page HERE.

I heard a rumour a couple of weeks ago that the community centre was in some trouble. It has not been clear why now they are in trouble. Lack of cash flow I guess, wonder if they get less bookings now than before for example ?

I do not remember any cuts being announced to funding in the last round of Walsall Council Budget. However I wonder if cuts to other community groups have affected it ?

However there was a meeting on Tuesday and it is still being kept open but asking for donations etc and the name of it is likely to be changed. I am of course very happy for it to stay open, had a few good nights there. However it would be good for the those running it to issue a statement.

This site is of course open to anyone to give a fuller explanation to residents.

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  1. Hi Ian

    It is a very sensitive situation from what we know (we were at the meeting). Public statements at this point would not be helpful apart from to focus on the re-launch and survival of the centre which is what we need to focus on.

    Happy to have a chat with you rather than rumours.


    • Fair enough Adrian, drop me an email or meet for a pint !

      I am getting my info though from the official FB page and another one. The good news is for the short term it is open. I have been asked if I knew what was happening last week.

      Oh just for your info I am no longer a Labour party member …

  2. Hi Ian,
    Well done (once more) this time for posting the details you have regarding the Community Centre. Like yourself I’ve spent a fair few enjoyable evenings there down the years going right back to the 1970’s. It would be a bad day indeed for the residents of Pheasey/Park Farm if the centre were to close, so let’s hope that the current problems being experienced can be fully overcome.
    I must admit to being very surprised indeed to say the least, to read that you’re no longer a member of the Labour Party.

    • People know my reasons and I am 100% not voting or going to another party !

      As for the centre I have been sent an email following this post making claims I could not post here and nor would want to. All I have posted is what is already out there, as Adrian says it seems to be very sensitive.

  3. Ian give me a call please or drop me a text with your number.

    Steven – there has been no secret there have been 2 public meetings orgainsed by the volunteers at the Centre

  4. Hi Adrian,
    I’ve now spoken to some of my neighbours regarding the current problems at the Community Centre and like myself the first they’d heard about any financial concerns or public meetings at the centre was via Ian’s post on here last week. Publicising the meetings via the Great Barr Observer would have been helpful.

    • I found out from a FB group and nothing was on the centre door the day of the meeting either as I walked the dog past it !

      As I said the other problem is no real explanation of what has gone wrong. Is it beer sales are down for example, fewer do’s etc. How can that be reversed, last time I went in it is very dated now compared to other centres for do’s.

      We had our dad’s retirement do there what 15 years ago and nothing changed.

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