Bus service and other disruptions for Pheasey

You may be aware that the buses are having some issues recently at peak times. There is also a large impact to the Scott Arms and Chapel Lane for J7 of the M6.

It has become clear that the roadworks at J9 of the M6 are having a large impact. The impact is to close off the slip road to accessing the M6. what has happened is that people who usually get on there are tending to come down Beacon Road to get the M6 at J7. Or those that used the M6 to get to Birmingham are not using Beacon Road or the A34 and causing the impact on these roads.

This is a scenario I am not sure the Highways Agency looked at and stories of people taking an hour to get to the J7 and long bus waits for 997, 934 etc which use Beacon road of up to an 40-60 mins.

West Midlands Travel issued this warning

Services 51, X51, 311, 313, 934, 935, 936, 529 & 997 may experience delays during peak times due to M6 slip road closures.

The roadworks at J9 are expected to last until the summer unfortunately so it may be time to look at alternative routes etc.

2 thoughts on “Bus service and other disruptions for Pheasey

  1. Also it may not be widely known that the 46 service to Hamstead no longer starts some daytime journeys from Pheasey Church – they are all departing from Asda now. The only good news is that the 5 service is now running every 20 minutes Sunday daytime and starting earlier than before. See timetables for details.

    • ah right thanks Duncan and not surprised at the 46 news, it was pointless running it up here. That is good news about the 451 (I always will call it that !!) as in the past I used to need to use it and waiting around for 20 mins on a sunday evening n West Brom was never fun (esp after a few !!)

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