What has happened to the rubbish ? #walsall

Well after some confusion last week with the bins, everyone put it out today as requested.

Grey Bins

Green Bins

Black plastic bags

They said the plastic bags would be collected separately but these have not been done nor have the green ones as normally they would.

I have asked The Council on twitter on what is happening and await the answer.

7 thoughts on “What has happened to the rubbish ? #walsall

  1. Ian, the binmen came early in my road on Park Farm and both green and grey bins were emptied. There don’t appear to be any bags on the street so I guess they were taken too.

  2. Cheers Duncan, it is strange that the green ones were not emptied at all. They did our grey ones at the normal time here and then nowt after.

  3. NHP had bags and black bins done too.

    I don’t know about green bins. I think they have but not been out to check

    • Thanks mate, so it seems it was just the top end of the estate not done, just so happens I live there ha ha.

      Complete mess around here tonight, seems so strange the green collection was not done though.

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