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I have never hidden my political preferences and I hope you would understand this is true of my main posts on this blog.

So to update the many readers of this blog I feel it is important to share the following with you that I have been selected as the local Labour Party Candidate for Pheasey Park Farm.

LINK to statement on Pheasey Labour Party Blog

I will not be using this blog for political purposes I can assure you of that and if I do shout at me !!

EDIT – Been told the Link does not work, I have updated it !

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  1. Congratulations I know this is what you wanted to do to make a difference but why the labour party and what are you going to try and achive? Aren’t they tring to close the library

    • Why the Labour Party ?

      That is simple, I believe in the ‘mission statement’ of the party and what we stand for. I believe totally that we as an area, Town, City, Area and Country and better when we pool resources and work together for the betterment of all.

      I do not believe in one segment of society (yes there is such a thing) being set against another. Those are my ideals even if sometimes the party falls short of them.

      As for the Library, 100% I want it to stay and made the suggestion as posted earlier personally. As for anyone who reads the Gt Barr Observer they will have seen our letter under my name to it addressing the local Tories campaign and their refusal to say what they would cut instead to save the cash.

      Same goes for the Bins, Children’s Centres etc. However as all of us in the local party and wider West Mids Labour party recognise these choices are not what we would do in an ideal world and then it becomes a balance of what is best for everyone.

  2. goodness me someone who lives here…with us!
    Does that mean V.Vass will soon be going home too and we get someone from the west Mids.
    A political miracle.,were you a researcher in London,been to uni?
    Well done Labour,I never thought I would say that!

    • Nah I will tell you what I have done.

      Left school at 18 (Barr Beacon of course !!) to try Uni at Bristol, hated it.

      Was then unemployed for a year during the 1990 recession which was my political awakening when I realised that it was all about fiddling numbers. For example I did an ET course for a BTEC computing that was supposed to last 12 months and money ran out after 6 ! luckily the college (Bournville) realised I was that keen and prepared to fund me to a pass ….

      Then I worked for ITNET in Cadbury’s for three years under a proper contract on £3.50 PH which was a lot then …

      Then moved around in different IT jobs until I got my present one which allows me to work from home and thus can stand. For a while I did work in London but commuted 4 times a week from Sandwell station.

      Lived in the same house for 15 years behind the Church, use the local shops where I can, NISA, Warwick’s, Sam’s Deli, Beacon Pharmacy, Hands on Health, the dentist etc.

      Support Villa (which is the closest Pro club in distance from Pheasey), support Boldmere (closest non league club in distance) but my current passion is cycling and you will see me out and about on my bike a lot.

      Used to drink a lot but now I am going to climb the Alps next June that is out ….

      What else ???

      ha ha

  3. at least you own up to your affiliations,a certain Mr Grey writes in the GBObserver and neglects to say he is a kipper,whilst spouting Daily Mail garbage,Labour obviously caused the melt down in USA, China whole of Europe, large parts of Asia too,Not of course Bankers,hedge funds and corrupt accountants who are not to be punished in UK for massive fraud and money laundering and donating to the Tories.Or George O as found in Hansard many times calling for more de-regulation of the financial industry whilst in opposition.
    OOH well nuff said up the Blues!!!!

    • Lets ignore the football for all of us at the moment !!

      Yep I agree with you on all that and the autumn statement was dire for Local Govt if the Tories win a majority in 2015. I asked on twitter the two prospective Tory MP’s for Walsall South/North what they would cut instead of the cuts planned and cuts to come to come and nowt back.

      My personal position and many in Labour agree is that the cuts can basically be stopped now, However Ed Balls does not agree.

      We have the Tory position but they will not explain what is to be cut.

      UKIP through Patrick O’Flynn their economic spokesman yesterday said they will cut harder and deeper.

      LD’s irrelevant around here.

  4. DJ; I’m sure that a fair number of local people are aware of the fact that i’m a member of UKIP; do i seriously have to repeat that i am so on everything that i write??? – You incidently, won’t even reveal who you actually are!!!!!!!!!!
    I also think you’ll find that every single UK national newspaper has mentioned that Euro-Labour are in fact responsible for the UK now having to waste 0.7 of our national budget on Foreign Aid (currently 11 billion and 500 million pounds per annum); that Euro-Labour did sell off half of our gold reserves at bargin bin prices – and that thanks to the last useless Euro-Labour Government, we now have to hand over 55 million pounds to the even more useless European Union every single day.
    If you re-read the opening paragraph of my letter in this weeks Great Barr Observer, you’ll see that i’ve actually written – ‘is in large part due to the last chaotic Labour Government’s’ – so recognising the fact that there were indeed other factors other than the Tory B’Liar/Brown mob responsible for creating the financial mess we’re in. At least you’re not a Vile fan, eh? – So that’s at least something positive.
    P.S. – Yes, the lying Fib-Dems are irrelevant around here, just like ‘Dead’ Miliband’s Bovis Euro-Labour spoilt, posh Tory toffs.

  5. Your a closet Tory Steve…admit it,never a word on the theft from tax payers by our lordships £380 ish a day plus posh dinners,Robbing of us, by already mentioned financial people and newspapers that ship profits off shore and accountants working for tax dodgers and George O(Gideon) conflict of interest? Then there is Nige the kipper and his family business,tries to keep that quiet.Wise up in the 1930s we were crushed by the rich,in USA they jailed lots of them including Kennedies,over here they carried on hitting poor and middle just like now, and no penalty for their crimes as in other lands. Economic policies are wrong for growth yet no one complains in press or up high ,I wonder why?
    Hope you don’t need NHS in a few years time Steve with the corrupt US firms taking chunks of it over, cause in the US some are no longer allowed to partake in health care due to incompetence and fraud,maybe they are paying into UKIP too.

  6. DJ: If we’re playing spot the Tory, then i rather think that it’s you and not me. I must say you do appear rather supportive of Ian and his mostly privately educated, Oxbridge, spoilt, posh, multi-millionaire, multi-home owning, blood soaked war criminal, Euro-Labour Tory toff pals, these days.
    When i was a card carrying member of the (Real) Labour Party back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, there were mercifully far fewer of the Miliband, Cooper, Balls, very wealthy, Euro-Labour types around.
    We have, as you correctly state, discussed disgusting tax avoidence by large numbers of very wealthy people, off shore profits, tax havens etc; all helped along by clever accounting practises; and as i’ve said to you on numerous occasions, i agree with you it all needs stopping.
    My apologies for not mentioning the very over stuffed House Of Lords before. Again, i agree with you, there are too many useless individuals in that place, just turning up every day, taking hundreds of pounds of taxpayers money and doing absolutely nothing to earn it.
    Nigel Farage has spoken of his business dealings on many occasions. He of course ran a successful business for around twenty years, employing six people, all paying the correct levels of income tax and national insurance contributions; unlike of course, ‘Non Job’ ‘Dead’ Miliband, David Cameron and Nick Clegg who have never done a days real work between them in their entire lives.
    I’m sure that all of us posting on here, myself included, hope that we will not fall ill in the years to come and thus place even more strain on our under pressure NHS.
    I rather think that American businesses, very happy to see us trapped in the EU; and so not as competitive as we could be as a once more free and independent Nation, would be amongst the very last group of people to donate money to UKIP!!!!!!!

  7. The local conservatives have been runing walsall since 2002. Now labour have controll they have access to the books and our councill have been living a dream giving them selves big pay increase which labour have reversed. Our tory concilor’s have apposed this change they still want the money as they say they are underpayed for the job they did but as is now apprent this councill had been driven into need bankruptcy by the conservative councill go for It Ian by your labour party blog you plan to give some of your allowance away who do you plan to give it to and how will this work

    • Thats a very fair question.

      the idea is you get allowances monthly. If elected I have to give some of it the party, all councillors do in the UK for campaign funds. Then a third of the total I will put aside for people to approach me for a donation, once it is gone in the month it is gone. However any left over will be rolled over to the next month. Any organisation can approach me for that, first come, first served. Any left over by the next May I will donate to the charity of my choice which has always been Acorns.

  8. how about the donkey sanctuary at Glazers farm Villa Park ..any going there,or Pheasey Library ,or even a donation To A.Andrew after his 11K. rise last year and demotion this year?

    • anyone or any organisation in Pheasey and the wider ward can ask for a donation. Unfortunately AA does not live in Pheasey so he is not applicable 🙂

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