20MPH zone given overwhelming backing by Pheasey Residents

When the 20MPH zone was mentioned and agreed I said I would send off a FOI regarding the consultation, we now have the figures. Unfortunately I have no comments from this and have asked for that. However the figures show an overwhelming backing for the plans.

2216 people responded to the survey at a return rate of 21% (actually this is for the whole ward so if we say Netherhall and Orchard Hills did not reply then the return rate was close to 50%). This is a magnificent response rate.

For this 8% were against and 92% were for the plans, it can not be clearer than that.

So for any naysayer ask yourself why you think 30MPH with kids and elderly around is suitable for our estate ? Yes there are questions over enforcement of course but in the trial period it is about monitoring the speeds and see if the signs have an impact.

For anyone who thinks 20MPH is too slow then get a speeding ticket as I did and go on a speed awareness course and tell me 30MPH is still OK ?