Express and Star – acknowledge your source

Let me be self indulgent.

Tonight the E&S have printed a piece based totally on the owners position article I posted here. In the piece they say a website posted this but refuse to acknowledge who.

Let me be clear I have done blogging for 6 years or so now and always quoted a source, it is the right thing to do. So hence I will link THEIR PIECE and I would ask that they do the same.

However given some of the troubles Browhills Bob has had on his blog with them not crediting his (unpaid) work I will not hold my breath for their common web etiquette and decency.

Local blogs like this one and Bob’s have changed the way that news is gathered now and I do not blame the journalist for using ttis blog as a source. However when I ran a Villa blog the journalists on the Evening Mail and E&S always wanted links and rightly so.

Why should we be different when we make no money out of this ?


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  1. To be fair to you Ian when you use another persons intellectual rights you certainly as a minimum should acknowledge the source, in fact you should really ask first in most cases. I dare say that the star may say that they are reporting a story etc etc and not using your source, more so reporting on you as an integral part of the story.

    Online it is even more important as the content is yours and posting it elsewhere can be detrimental to your search engine rankings, thus i would never knowingly allow anyone to use my content unless it was rewritten.

    I offered the UKIP stance hoping for a brief mention on your site with a link back as you did with the labour stance, you did not do so but i said nothing as i was chancing my arm to get it anyway, I do, however, 100% support what you are saying above.

  2. Agreed, I think this is a great page as gives everyone an idea of what’s happening locally.
    Looks like you will be putting up a snow update soon, after the little preview we had earlier today!

  3. Papers & communication,we in lesser Walsall,lesser Brum land,get to know very little Walsall council doings. Great Barr Observer ,20 mph limit official Council notification,NOTHING! Walsall Observer a list of roads on Pheasey..HELLO we don’t get Walsall one over here so useless to us residents dear Absentee COUNCILLORS .
    Waste of breath even trying to get things changed,having tried our self interested reps in the past!

    • And DJ as you have been with this blog since the start is why I started it up to bring these issues up.

      If you have any other other issues then please use the feedback option at the top and happy to print stories. It should be noted that this site is influential locally as many stories on here have been used by others (without linking) for their own benefit.

      I have also explained that I would like to stand as councillor but for various reasons I can not. So rest assured if an issue is brought forward I will let people know.

      For example I was the first to print about the 20MPH limit and unlike others I do give my clear views on issues (I support it).

  4. Thanks for your reply Ian,can you try and use your political wares to get legal local authority notices relevant to Pheas/PF/Neth printed in the Great Useless Observer instead of the Walsall version which is generally unseen here? I have even sent copy in to them stating Pheasey & GT.Barr subject matter, and it has gone in the Walsall Obs and not the Great Useless,,,,Staggering!!!
    I know it pays to keep people in the dark politically as it saves uncomfortable protest and ill feeling quite often for politicians,so it has made sense for a lot of legal notice requirements,phone mast,yellow lines,speed limits to mention a few to be posted where we here cannot read them ,and find out what is going on in our area.

    • I can certainly ask DJ. I usually fond the details out from twitter so hardly the best way to do things and as a freebie we should be told in the Gt Barr Observer. Of course the advertiser and the Gt Barr Observer are the same paper group so should be not a problem,.

  5. Hi Ian ,any luck on getting legal notices from our Council into the Great Barr thingy? Can V.Vaz help ,I hesitate to suggest the incumbent trio may help,I never had luck with any of them, DJ.

  6. Just sent the following email DJ to Paul Leighton of the Transport department

    Walsall council twitter feed gave you as a contact point for a query.

    A couple of residents have contacted myself as the owner of to ask why notices for council work have not been been placed in the Great Barr Observer. A couple of examples were the closure of Chapel Lane and the 20MPH tests.

    I understand these notices were placed in the Walsall Advertiser. However over here in Pheasey we do not get that delivered and few people will read it either off or online ?

    For notices affecting Pheasey it is actually a waste of time putting it in the Advertiser and can this policy be changed ?

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