Bleak Midwinter – Wild and Windy Barr Beacon

I have to say I love this kind of weather. I do understand the disruption it causes but when it is this wild there is an awesome power about it. So being at home I just popped up to Barr Beacon and up there you can really feel it.

So here is a small collection.



And this video from the Memorial shows the power of the wind and just how bad it was up there. The heavy breathing you can hear through the wind is me, I have a cold !!

Merry Xmas to all.

One thought on “Bleak Midwinter – Wild and Windy Barr Beacon

  1. I sadly do not need to be shown how strong and powerful this bad weather is, 2 days before Christmas and my garden is devastated! Came home from last minute Asda visit this morning and my 2 month old 9 inch thick garden wall flattened, 1 fence panel and garden gate all “gone with the wind! Luckily enough i was out or my car may have been squashed!

    Hope it dies down soon or i may not have a chimney for Santa to come down!

    Merry Christmas.

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