Withdrawal of Swimming sessions at Barr Beacon

Last week in the Great Barr Observer and mentioned by ‘DJ’ on here, I have been asked about the proposals to close the Sunday Morning public swimming sessions at Barr Beacon.

This as the letter writer confirms is the withdrawal of a facility on a Sunday Morning I know many used. It will mean on a Sunday Morning (most popular time for swimming) people are forced to travel to either Birmingham City Council run facilities or travel 3 miles to the Gala Baths and have to pay for parking in the Town Centre.

We are isolated enough by Walsall Council here but this decision is of course by the school and independent of the council since they converted under the government’s reforms of 2010.

I have sent this Email to Councillor Mike Bird and will ask him to comment on this, I will then publish any reply.

Dear Mike,

I have written the following piece () as a number of people have approached me since the letter appeared int he Gt Barr Observer on Friday.

These people have confirmed that the public swimming sessions on Sunday Morning will be closed shortly to the members of the public. As you know this is for Pheasey the closest awimming pool and the next closest are Birmingham council run facilities at Kingstanding and Perry Beeches.

As a member of the board of governors at Barr Beacon and an elected Councillor could you please explain the reason for this decision which has deprived local people of quick and easy access to a much loved and long held facility of over 20 years.

Of course I am aware the school converted to an Academy in 2011 and is no longer under the control of the local council. Does this mean they forget the people of the Estate in which they live ?

I will publish any reply as this is an open letter.

Ian Robathan

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  1. just an aside to the above,did anyone know of a meeting of a new area panel meeting for Pheasey 2.7.13 to work with residents and absentee in our case Councillors,at Beacon Church.I saw it in WALSALL ADVERTISER,the usual Hopeless Great Barr Obs told us nowt as usual.Did anyone go?

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