Significant Bus changes to Pheasey – New Connection to Brownhills

Today National Express have issued significant changes to the buses that serve Pheasey.

The full details can be seen HERE and HERE

There will be an exhibition at the Collingwood Centre on the 3rd June.

In summary

The 76 to Walsall has been withdrawn and the 934 extended to take in this route and will run every 30 minutes.

The 997 has been extended to cover Aldridge Road in Streetly and thus cover Doe Bank and Frampton Way which the 934A used to cover

A NEW service 936 has been introduced that will go to Brownhills and Aldridge. The changes will result in 4 buses an hour that serve Birmingham during the day time and more at peak time.

Looking at the changes I can not see anything that worsens the bus connection on Pheasey. In fact looking at the changes combined we seem to have an improved bus service and remain a key thoroughfare for buses serving Birmingham, Walsall, Sutton Coldfield and West Bromwich.

9 thoughts on “Significant Bus changes to Pheasey – New Connection to Brownhills

  1. Thanks for the update. As usual, the devil is in the detail especially with evening services which may reduce in frequency whilst daytime services benefit e.g. with the 934 after the last so-called ‘minor timetable adjustment’ which reduced it to hourly bus at night. Perhaps the 997 timetables in the bus stops will now show all services to Birmingham from Pheasey and not just those coming from Walsall!

  2. As someone new to this estate I like to know how the bus company can take 4 bus services off a main road in one go im talking about Hillingford Ave the section between Beacon Road and Collingwood Drive I understand take one or the other off but have 4 bus services the one day then none the next is taking it a bit far why don’t they Change the Number 5 service to serve that section of Hillingford Ave or make more timetable changes so the 46 runs more and covers that part now the 997 and 934 934A bus is going Its good to see the update of the buses on the estate but I think in this case its the case of robbing peter to give to paul

  3. Passengers living between Aldridge to Walsall on the 997 bus route now have only two buses per hour iafter Sunday 6thJune. Which is a reduced service than the three per hour before

    • I have just seen the map showing the new 997 route. What has confused me is that according to the new signage the 997 serves only one of the Collingwood/Beacon Road bus stops. Given that the bus goes both ways along Collingwood Drive (up the hill towards Frampton Way/Queslett Rd, down the hill towards Aldridge Rd) why is only one of the two stops marked 997?

  4. No consultation for people in Stanhope, Frampton or Hillingford new nothing about this 997 now running thro the estate till 1pm of a night
    If you live on Stanhope the buses stopped engine running for 15mins at a time disgraceful. Just found out early June 10-3 Collingwood ctr held a consultation on walsall bus routes very convenient for them to say they consulted but this was a done deal. Buses should not run thro our lovely estater late at night late bueses are of no use we have a good terminus at Collingwood Drive stops at Buffet Island and by Deers Leap all re only a short walk into the estate. SAY NO phoen your local counillor roads will become worse and anit social behaviour fight this or else hat next when they put up our Council Tax becuase roads are being damaged you can see the damanage already caused by the buese just using 9-8 maye tonight if they turn the engines off I will be able to sleep or listen to my TV I shall be speaking to centro National Express who run the route and the local councillors also why not get onto the walsall councillors who sit on the centro baord but of course odont live in Pheasey.

    • Thanks for that M and does anyone else have that problem up there To be honest living near the terminus all my life the noise of buses is never a problem !!

      • I notice in the Great Barr Observer there is a piece on the recent bus changes. The actual consultation exercise took place before Christmas – the event early this month was merely explaining what had been decided it was not a consulation more of a done deal. The confusion was due to the failure of Centro to update the timetables in the bus stops correctly – a failing which is sadly not as uncommon as it should be. As a Park Farm resident I welcome the changes that redirected the 997 up the Beacon Road. It may be that future changes will restore the service to the lower part of Hillingford Avenue. I just want it on record to our councillors that I for one am happy with the recent changes. If other residents are not I can understand their concern, however there are elderly residents in Park Farm too, so shouldn’t they have a convenient bus service to Birmingham as well?

  5. yep Duncan it is a case you can not please all the time. I am lucky in that it is not a problem whether they go up Collingwood or Hillingford but can understand for some it is one. I do believe that it is possibly more important to serve Cat And Fiddle on all journeys than Hillingford.

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