Updated News on Great Barr Hall – Sale soon ?

A few months ago I reported that Gt Barr Hall was up in an auction for £2.2M. The Express and Star kindly took the post and created THIS STORY .

We was told that Walsall Council was looking for Lottery Money to try and buy the place, However a year on and nothing has been heard further. I then found out though Alexmal on THIS SITE that in fact at a recent auction through Barnhard Marcus that it had been recently put back up for sale.

Please note the details of this auction was a bid was received at £1,140,000 but failed to get the target of £1,250,000. This for me is close to the end game and with the gap quite narrow I would expect a sale soon but what will be the result of that ?

I am worried given the new planning regulations announced in the budget which will open up the land for development. I have made a political comment on this HERE.

For this blog I will just say I want an open and transparent sale and the ability to stop any future development, can the council and local councillors after the election give this reassurance ?

6 thoughts on “Updated News on Great Barr Hall – Sale soon ?

  1. My heart sinks when I think of the prospect of further development of our beloved “green belt” The local infrasructure is already under pressure after the development of the Netherhall site. To watch, as our countryside is ravaged by further developments is both depressing and provocative and I hope that all Pheasey/Park Farm residents will lobby against this disgraceful potential useage of Scott Land that was originally bequeathed for use for people suffering from mental illness. This land should be designated as a place of outstanding natural beauty and its varied wildlife taken into consideration too. Please stop before its too late.Once its gone..it will be lost forever.

  2. Hi Ian, Hi Marie,
    The FibCon Governments re-writing of our planning law is i know of growing concern to increasing numbers of residents in Pheasey/Park Farm and Orchard Hills; Local residents fought hard to stop the disastrous last Euro-Labour Governments green light to desecrate our green belt Great Barr Park; but ultimately failed to stop Euro-Labour from dumping hundreds of homes inside the park. Any further attempt to build any more homes in Great Barr Park will be resisted bitterly by local people.

  3. thing is steve is as you know the new planning regs especially on already built land are basically an open goal for any development.

    Look at the price now for the Hall and land, scary eh ?

    Marie, with you all the way. I live by the terminus but know the effect of NetherHall already on Park Farm. We can not have any more development there but it seems like local residents and politicans will be powerless to stop it.

  4. Not an expert on these things, but reading up on all the Peter Allen stuff, isn’t the chap selling it quite slippery? I’d have thought there’s a very good reason why it hasn’t sold, probably trying every trick in the book to con someone into buying it I think. After all who wants leukemia and a view of hundreds of tonnes of dumped rubbish as an added bonus with their house? :-/

  5. At the moment the only people enjoying the site is the quadbikers! something needs to be done with it, at the moment its just a gathering playground for the hooligans!

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