Walsall Council where were you ?

Some nice snow today, I must admit I love it and so does my daughter 🙂

However clearly on the Estate many roads have steep inclines and especially Collingwood and Hillingford that they need to be gritted. So simple question for the council, where we you ?

Now credit where credit is due, last year with worse conditions they were gritted as on the bus routes but today ??

Can Walsall council please explain to the residents of Pheasey where you was. This was very poor service, the warnings had been there for days and let a FAILURE.

Well today residents of Pheasey had to help ourselves and I will leave it to Tardispilot on twitter to explain

@pheaseyviews had to dig and grit collingwood on the corner of tyndale because no gritters @WalsallCouncil

@pheaseyviews before pic

@pheaseyviews now my grit has set in pic.twitter.com/JciEpxEi

@pheaseyviews @walsallcouncil once the buses stop it becomes a nightmare

@pheaseyviews @walsallcouncil a car got stuck half way up the road and a bus went round the car but skidded into the car

@pheaseyviews @walsallcouncil we asked for a grit bin and they said its a gritting route, but no good if its not gritted for hours

EDIT 23:17

I have to add a couple of people have contacted myself to say that the roads were not gritted last year. From @tardispilot

@pheaseyviews great thanks, but this has happened for the last 3 years

and from Jane

got up the morning of the first snow fall 2011 and after 25 mins waiting for a bus no bus. Phoned west bromwich garage to find out what was going and they said not going up collingwood until walsall council came gritted which they hadnt done. First bus up was 10.30 that morning I had to go down to the Asda as they were bypassing Pheasey. Ian they have done it again we are not a priority

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