New Car Parking at the Cat and Fiddle

I have not been to the ‘Cat’ since the refurb and from the outside it looks much better than this !

However it seems the new car parking arrangements have caused problems. For those that do not know, the pub car park is now a pay and display (if you use the pub it is free) and this from a few messages I have received is causing a a few problems.

Given the limited parking around NISA and the shops many people including myself used the car park (usually when not busy) to quickly park up and pick something up. However since the operation of this on Friday I have been told it has caused problems today.

Now as the car park is on private land they can enforce whatever restrictions they like but I wonder if the change of branding to a John Barras pub has come with a new attitude. Was there really a problem there before, was told school traffic was an issue but it may have unforeseen knock on effects.

Something to keep our eyes on.