Great Barr Hall – The Campaign continues

This blog is 100% behind any attempt to save what is left of Great Barr Hall and will be against any further moves by Bovis Homes to further build on the land. I give all the credit to Peter Allen and the Great Barr Hall Action Committee in what they have done to try and preserve this very important building for everyone on Pheasey and the wider community to enjoy.

Well great news in the Birmingham Post today they they actually highlighted what is happening with it and the role of the ‘charity’ Manor Building Preservation Trust, please read it


This photo the paper produces is a very sad reminder of what remains.

This blog will do what it can to highlight and campaign for this building please join us.

7 thoughts on “Great Barr Hall – The Campaign continues

  1. I have taken an interest in Great Barr Hall for some years and cannot believe how it has just been left to get in this state. I understood that Bovis were going to make good the Hall so what is this charity all about. I blame the Health Authority for letting it get into this state in the first place. I remember going into the Hall when it was used for offices and it had a beautiful staircase. I have seen photos on the internet and its so sad to see its in such a sorry condition. My family opposed the original plans to build writing to the Planning Dept in Bristol and the then MP Bruce George. I dont think they should build any further houses on the old homes site at the back of Park Farm if that is what they propose to do or the old school site on Queslett Road.

  2. Totally agree Patricia and there is no doubt the vandalism that has gone on so far has to stop, I am ashamed that at the time of the decision I was not more aware !!

  3. lifted from the english heritage website. STOpping The rOT
    Local authorities have a range of statutory powers to secure the repair of privately-owned buildings.urgent Works notices allow councils to carry out emergency works on neglected listed buildings, and also with the prior authorisation of the Secretary of State for Culture, media & Sport on unlisted buildings in conservation areas. They can also serve repairs notices to force a private owner to carry out works to preserve a listed building. Both powers are extremely effective. in the vast majority of cases, the threat, or actual service of, the notice will encourage a recalcitrant owner to repair or sell.Amenity notices under S.215 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990 are another useful tool. Because they apply to ‘any land’, and not just buildings, they can be deployed to deal with a range of issues relating to neglect, disrepair or dereliction, where these are detrimental to the amenity of an area. To download Stopping The Rot: A Step By Step Guide To Serving Urgent Works And Repairs Notices go to why can`t walsall council force the owners to repair or sell or why not compulsory buy,there`s cases like this throughout the country where owners have been forced to sell or hand over to trusts and buildings have been saved.whoever the walsall mbc conservation officer is needs bloody sacking

  4. could not agree more Kester and the failure of Great Barr Hall is to the shame of Walsall council and the NHS under whichever political persuasion

  5. I have walked by today to see workmen removing parts of the supporting scaffolding.Are they just asking to see this place collapse ?? I am absolutely horrified that Bovis reneged on the deal to restore the Hall.Its facade is as imposing as ever in surroundings that take ones`s breath away.Come on people..more MUST be done to save this beauty from total destruction.

  6. got to agree Marie, I have tried to find out some information recently but has gone very quiet. We know it is up for sale but no confirmation on the progress of it.

  7. All I know is that it is up for sale for 2.2million pounds since May 2011 Hopefully someone will realise the potential of saving such an important historical building.It would make a FABULOUS Hotel..In such stunning surroundings..A spa hotel would be ideal.

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