Pheasey Library under Threat, contact the Council

I mentioned before that in the Walsall budget review that Pheasey Library is under threat. As the cabinet decide where the axe shall fall it is clear nothing is safe and those branch libraries like Pheasey are under a massive threat and we are not hearing from our local councillors on this.

Apparently we have had a Conservative leaflet delivered but I have not read it yet so will be very interested in what Andrew, Bird and Towe have to say on this.

We had this statement from Councillor Harris

Councillor Anthony Harris, Walsall Council cabinet member for leisure and culture, said: “We live in uncertain times and some difficult decisions are being taken up and down the country.

“We’re no different here in Walsall and we must take a hard look at our library service.

“We need a library service that is fit for the 21st century and not to carry on with one that we have inherited.”

I do try and avoid being too political but it is with mentioning that the Tories have been in control for a long time in Walsall now.

they do say

Residents will be canvassed for their views as part of the review process.

So please let us know when they have been in touch, for certain Pheasey Library HAS to be saved for all of us on the Estate. For the wider Walsall area then cutting libraries the education centre’s of communities is a massive mistake.

2 thoughts on “Pheasey Library under Threat, contact the Council

  1. Could go either way in Pheasey
    1. it’s only open a couple of days a week so low visitor numbers, so close it
    2. it’s mad mike’s local so keep it open at all costs and close Blakenall; it’s a labour ward and they’re all povs in Blakenall.

    I think it’ll be 2, but we’ll see

  2. MArtin, that will be the one interesting question, we have three cabinet members they have to be seen as being ‘fair’

    I am worried about Sure start centre if we keep the library

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