Walsall Budget Proposals

The details of the budget cuts in Walsall have been published and if you wish to read them in full the this is the LINK.

The biggest cuts are in HR, social care and leisure with it being in general what are termed efficiency savings.

The one area that would directly impact Pheasey is in leisure and it seems from the documents linked below that Pheasey Library is safe in this round of cuts. In the document it is said that the recommended distance from a library should be a max 2 miles and clearly that means our library is safe at the moment. However this should not negate the anger in other areas that could lose their service, we should just be relived at the news.

It is clear that the swimming pool at Barr Beacon is safe, no real news however on Pheasey Junior’s library though.

Leisure Scrunity Panel report

Leisure Cabinet Report

Full Cabinet Meeting Link