Full List of Walsall South Candidates

Official candidates for Walsall South have now been declared

UKIP – Derek Bennett
Conservative – Richard Hunt
The Christian Party – Gulzaman Khan
Independent – Mohammed Masum
Lib Dem – Dr Murli Sinha
Labour – Valerie Vaz

3 thoughts on “Full List of Walsall South Candidates

  1. Tory PPC is an expert at conning people and domestic violence is his specialty. He has fooled the people thus far of Walsall South but he has a LOT of skeletons in his closet & is a three time LOSER with theTories, why did they send that fraud to us?????? Why did no one check into his lies and fantasies he spun to get the seat? He does not give a toss about Walsall South only a free ride in LOndon paid for by US!

    • Hunt has too many secrets emerging for my vote. Sorry but, I read a lot and have seen too much negativity around his past. Nothing that he has told us rings true anymore!

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