Great Barr Hall – Update

You may have noticed the past few weeks no comments on the development plans.

The reason for this has been simple. Positions were fixed and known, no one was going to be persuaded to change their mind and thus let people do their own thing. If you wanted to object then there is a democratic way of doing this and also if you wanted to support it.

It seems things have got heated again and the Beacon Action Group Blog HERE prints some details from Valerie Vaz about a letter sent to Nether Hall. Now I have not seen that letter so can not comment (if anyone can scan and send it to me would be grateful).

I have nothing to say on this, as I said before this is not a political decision and therefore everyone is entitled to have their own views, that is a democracy for you.

However on a much wider point I would say that Valerie first mentioned this in her Walsall Advertiser column a couple of weeks ago. It should be noted as we discussed with the 20MPH zone etc. that very very few people in Pheasey read this and I suspect no one in Nether Hall reads it at all.



4 thoughts on “Great Barr Hall – Update

  1. regarding Walsall Advertiser articles unseen over the hill here,I have contacted A.Andrew about the lack of coverage,about documents about our estates in the Great Barr Obs.and maybe I am a little over optimistic but a notice appeared last issue of the Gt.Barr Obs.about a road closure ,I do not recall ever seeing one before.Maybe I am dreaming or its old age!

    • At least that is positive and I would suggest that the movement was due in large parts to you mentioning it DJ and rightly so.

      Of course being on the forgotten bottom end (nicer word than a$£%) of Walsall this is what we would expect.

  2. Bit surprised that the speech given by Valarie Vaz at adjournment debate with Planning Minister has not been published on you page, is there a reason for that?.

    • yes, as I said nothing new is being said. that speech was full of holes but it is what we have seen and heard before. If there was new information in it I would have published it but the positions and the arguments remain the same.

      I have heard that the decision in planning has been delayed from the 10th April to the 9th May though to allow more time for consultation.

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