Political borders in Pheasey – Never ending argument

For over 40 years, ever since 1972 the debate over the position of Pheasey has been a debate quietly going on. We have had boundary reviews since we were moved into Pheasey in exactly where we should be. For the Boundary reviews until 2002 we were left a single small ward but over represented by three councillors.

This was corrected in 2006 when the Pheasey Ward was renamed Pheasey Park Farm with the addition of Orchard Hills. This never felt right to many people as the two areas are separated by a mile of green belt and using different services. For any councillor to represent the ward properly requires juggling between two areas with totally different needs.

So I found THIS (a PDF file) which is the final boundary review from 1977. What is fascinating is that 37 years on a lot of the arguments then are relevant now.

In these proposals to get over the under sizing of Pheasey it was proposed in draft to move Pheasey to Aldridge, these were the responses –

First from the the then Labour MP of Aldridge Brownhills (were were in that constituency then)

Returning to speak about the Pheasey area, he said that it was unnatural to link .this area with a part of Aldridge. Pheasey had an electorate of some 7,800 (admittedly smaller than the 10,000 + mathematically required for one ward) but it was separated from Aldridge by permanent green belt. Perhaps it would be the most satisfactory solution to make a separate Pheasey Ward, even though it was of smaller electorate than was required, but he went on to say that there had been a joint meeting.of all the political groups in Aldridge – the Labour Party, Conservative Party, Liberal Party and Ratepayers’ Association – and they had agreed that Aldridge was a physically distinct community with a strong community spirit and that it should be retained within one ward. He said that the Labour Party favoured retaining the existing Aldridge Ward boundaryJbut, if this were not possible, they would prefer a 6-member ward made up of the existing Aldridge Ward and the Pheasey Ward. This Ward would, however, have an electorate of about 21,000, mathematically satisfactory for a 6-member ward.

This is the exact same argument that could be made for the current ward of course. Back then it seems there was a large and wider political engagement in the process. Remember for the review in 2002 it was proposed to add Hundred Acre to Pheasey to bring up the numbers. Some people may remember how heated in Streetly that got.

So then we had two contributions from Pheasey residents that are well known to older residents.

Sorry for the formatting but the debate is rather familiar of course –

Councillor W.A. Compton (a Borough Councillor of Pheasey Ward)

representing Pheasey Labour Party, said that he was a Councillor of
some 50 years’ standing and the people of Pheasey strongly objected
to the Commission’s proposals for the formation of a ward linking
Pheasey with part of Aldridge. He said that Pheasey was not really
part of Walsall, it was a completely separate community having its.
own new community centre. To connect Pheasey with part of Aldridge
would mean that an area would be added into Pheasey Ward which
had no connections in affinity or community relations. The Pheasey
people were mainly Birmingham overspill residents with no “black
country” outlook. The inclusion of part of Aldridge in the ward
would mean that Pheasey could have .3 Aldridge Councillors representing
the ward and they would have no interest in the communal life of
Pheasey. All the people of Pheasey expressed the opinion that
Pheasey Ward should remain as it was at present.
Councillor Compton then referred to the petition which had
been submitted with some 228 signatures in which the residents of
Pheasey Ward objected to the Commission’s proposals for reasons
that Fheasey was separated from Aldridge by natural boundaries of
green belt and open space; the additional area of Aldridge had no
natural affinity with Pheasey Ward; and that Pheasey Ward was a
self-contained estate with medical services, education and community
In answer to my question, he said there was not likely to be
any large scale development in the Pheasey area, perhaps there would
be some additional accommodation for nurses at the hospital and there
was a small area comprising mobile homes, although it was doubtful
that the use of land for mobile homes would be extended. I then –
referred to the joint political parties proposal that Pheasey Ward
should be amalgamated with the whole of Aldridge to form a big
6-member ward and I mentioned the petition of 8,000 signatures
supporting this proposal. Councillor Compton said that he was sure
that there were no “Pheasey” signatures among the 8,000 petitioners
and”there was certainly.no support in Pheasey for this proposal.
Pheasey would be overwhelmed by the larger electorate of Aldridge
and in such a ward there could be 6 Aldridge; Councillors and no
Pheasey Councillors. Finally, Councillor Compton pressed for a .
separate Pheasey Ward comprising only the Pheasey area (albeit
that it had an electorate total smaller than the mathematical
requirement of 10,000)and I said that I hoped Pheasey would not
become too isolated, it was part of Walsall and surely it looked
to the Walsall Borough for its various services, including education
and social services.

And then this snippet from a future councillor for Pheasey

From Mr. F..O?. Ingram, a resident of the Pheasey area, objecting
to the proposed Pheasey Ward including part of Aldridge
and enclosing a petition signed by some 228 electors of
the present Phessey Ward objecting to the proposal to
include part of Aldridge with Pheasey, as the proposed
additional area had no natural affinity with the Pheasey
area and.was divided from it by natural boundaries, green
belt and open space.

John Aldridge the Aldridge Liberal Party member said

As to the Pheasey area, the Association felt at one time that some part of the Paddock Ward might be added in to make the new Pheasey Ward, but perhaps it would be preferable to make a smaller ward comprising the Pheasey area only.


At this point I should mention the Conservative party made no direct reference to Pheasey but agreed with the MP’s view as above.

The final recommendation as it always was until 2002 was

Pheasey area – (revised projected electorate 8192) presented
particular difficulty for this, too, is a self-contained
area – so”widely separated from all other areas of the
Borough by green ;belt land that it appears impossible
to form any reasonable link with other residential areas.
With an aim for 10,000 plus electors per ward, it is
somewhat small,to form a ward on its own but I believe
that this is the most reasonable solution – -certainly
much more reasonable than trying to add to this area
some other small’area not linked in any way with it.

As you can see the debate remains the same. I have no ill will against residents of Orchard Hills but they are not Pheasey and we are not them and we should not be joined together. In the near future there will be another review and my points would be –

– Residents in Pheasey should be questioned on what we want, stay the same, move to Birmingham, split from Orchard Hills
– My personal view is that we should go back to how we we were but become a two councillor ward, plenty of examples of this. This would mean the average voter per councillor fits in with the rest of Walsall
– I would prefer to go to Birmingham but it is difficult to make the numbers as Oscott is fairly well balanced to move into

I say bring on the debate !!

85 thoughts on “Political borders in Pheasey – Never ending argument

  1. Do any of our current councillors live in Pheasey/Park Farm now? However since when has ability to represent residents depended on where they live? If the councillors respond to residents when they raise issues then where they reside needn’t matter. After all no-one has said that Valerie Vaz does a bad job as MP and she is not a local and doesn’t live in Walsall South. For what my views are worth I consider myself a Brummie and have more afinity with that city than Walsall. There is no green belt separating us from Birmingham just the Queslett Road which is a political boundary that could be changed. Perhaps Pheasey/Park Farm could be a ward with only two councillors although that wouldn’t fit in with the current re-election of a third of the council every year. Maybe some prefer to be a bigger part of a smaller more compact council area like Walsall than a tiny part of a much bigger Birmingham megapolis?

    • Duncan there are plenty of places that have the situation you and I suggest. It is not required you need three councillors. A total number of councillors is agreed and they can be split in whatever way is best. In the links above in 1977 all the parties agreed that Pheasey should be left as a stand alone ward, in 37 years why is that view any different ?

  2. Pheasey Park Farm Ward name came in to being after a Petition and representations by myself, Chris Towe and Barbara Manison. I now badge myself as a Pheasey, Park Farm, Orchard Hills and Nether Hall Park Councillor as well as having an eye on the rural area.

    So I understand Pheasey and Park Farm have never been anywhere else other than in Aldridge and in fact part of Scott Arms was in Aldridge District Council. I am lead to believe that Queslett Road was a County Boundary – despite my historical knowledge I am not sure how true this is. The other point is that Nether Hall Park is now part of our Community not just Orchard Hills so we can never go back to how we were – there are another 900 people going to be living there.

    The reduction of Politicians across the board rather than per ward seems to me to be a sensible condsideration that I actually muted in 2003/4 during the boundary changes and it went down like a lead baloon on all sides – considering how the present govt would like to reduce local govt it has to be revisited – something I am looking at with another close colleague.

    Why this debate is being started just now is not clear. There have been 2 boundary changes in just over 30 years 1980 and 2003/4.(I have not know a local authority boundary change locally for a very long time) I doubt another significant change for a good while unless there is a total overhaul of local govt by this govt or a future one – something I doubt as the governing party nationally will be lobbied by their cllrs something we saw under the previous govt with county re-organisation.

    The 9000 voters of this ward (inc Orchard Hills) no matter who they elect have a louder voice as part of a borough of 260,000, with only 20 wards with voting populations of about 10,000 per ward with only 60 Councillors vying for resources for their area. How would Pheasey Park Farm and Nether Hall be represented as 50% of one ward in Birmingham that has a population of over 1 million with each ward about 20,000 voters and 120 Councillors vying for resources in their 40 wards and can’t even agree on wheelie bins.

    I grew up with a WV post code and 01902 telephone number but I was born in the Manor Hospital and now live 5 mins away from Pheasey Park Farm and share a WS9 postcode with part of the ward but I am a Walsall Citizen – it is where people access services and how that really matters and that is a two way street as many Birmingham residents access Walsall Services in our area and vice versa.

    • Mossed the point somewhat Adrian. Forget about your personal position as councillor. Look at the comments above from 1977 and also the reviews in 1980’s and both were clear it made no sense to join Pheasey onto any other part of Walsall, be it Aldridge or Paddock.

      What changed in 2002 is that the rules were stricter around numbers but if you are honest know it is nonsense around a third of the electorate of ‘Pheasey’ have no affinity at all to Pheasey.

      In fact since Barr Beacon went Academy status they show no local services provided by the council with Pheasey.

      It was very noticable when the guys went canvassing in Orchard Hills that the most common comment was that they wanted to be back in their natural home of Paddock.

      A sensible solution at the next boundary review is to leave Pheasey with two Councillors and give the other one to a larger Paddock ward.

      Actually Birmingham people do not get the same deal as Walsall (same applies in Leeds as well) in that their Councillors have to deal with double the number of people that Councillors in Walsall have to deal with.

      So either voters of Birmingham are under represented or voters of Walsall are over represented ?

    • You should also know Adrian that when the Pheasey Estate was first built it was mainly as an overspill for Birmingham. For example my Dad was born in Aston but moved onto the Queslett Road. Many residents links are to Birmingham and we speak with Brummie accents.

      What is wrong in joining in with all the parties at the next review and actually ask through a properly commissioned poll what the people of Pheasey really want in terms of local government governance ?

      Then when we get a result all of us can go to a boundary review with the force of the residents behind us ?

  3. Hi Duncan,
    The Queslett Road is not a political boundary, it is the boundary between Oscott, Great Barr, Birmingham, North Warwickshire and the Black Country suburb of Pheasey/Park Farm, Great Barr, Walsall, South Staffordshire. As Adrian correctly points out Pheasey/Park Farm was until comparatively recently (1974) part of Aldridge UDC. Our suburb has NEVER been a part of Birmingham.

  4. Like many of my neighbours, i only have roots in the Black Country and absolutely no connection whatsoever with or to Birmingham. If you feel so strongly about this why not stand on a Walsall to Birmingham ticket in next years Walsall MBC Local Elections. Like Adrian i am proud to be a citizen of Walsall, a loyal son of Pheasey/Park Farm and the Black Country and a loyal and true Staffordian.

  5. UKIP policy is to scrap the Enforced Areas Euro-Quango (West Midlands) created in Brussels and Strasbourg and imposed by Tory Quisling Edward Heath’s Government in May 1974. Sutton Coldfield would regain it’s independence from Birmingham and both would regain their historical Warwickshire status. Dudley would regain it’s historical Worcestershire status and West Bromwich (The term Sandwell would be abolished), Walsall

  6. Very interesting – UKIP would either (1) introduce another tier of local government or (2) expect Walsall to be controlled from Stafford. Which is the preferred option?

  7. Hello all. My view is just plain speaking. Ask the residents of Pheasy/ Park Farm where they would like to be please! As for Orchard hills, I’m sure they don’t want to be a part of pheasy/ park farm as much as we don’t want to be a part of anywhere but Pheasy/ Park Farm ! If we add on anywhere it should be Netherhall. There is a natural link via Comsey Road & Queslett Road. Speaking from experience, in this borderline ward , some medical services have been fragmented between Birmingham,Walsall and Sandwell and this needs to be addressed. ( Try finding out who is responsible for providing incontinence advice for local residents. It’s unbelievably difficult to get anyone to say YES it’s us ) ! So, folks, its back to us to make our voices heard. What do WE as residents want ? I know where my loyalties and roots lie. Firmly here in Pheasy / Park Farm .

    • Marie, I said that all the parties should get together at the next boundary review and commission an independent poll of the ward.residents and truly find out what the feelings are.

      The next review could be a decade away, but we have never been given a say on our own future. If Steve believes his viewpoint is the prevailing one then at the poll he can campaign for this.

      This is not a political party decision but a decision of the residents and should be.

      The extracts I showed actually show quite a united front back in 77 for Pheasey staying ‘independent’ of any other ward.

      • Marie, should add that Netherhall is included as part of PPF ward. Interesting to note from those papers that the population growth they predicted in 1977 for Pheasey never really happened. Mainly due to a lack of housing development and that includes Netherhall. Back then protection of the Green Belt was not such a concern.

  8. Hi Ian, I’ve heard you speak and you don’t have a Brummie accent; Like myself, you have a Pheasey accent. Most of us long time residents in the suburb have Pheasey accents. Some people here have links to Birmingham, but many others such as myself and my family only have links to the Black Country.

    • I am no yam yam at all, Ask my work colleagues in London, run a youtube vid of a yam yam and of a brummie and I am 100% brummie as I was born in Brum I would be !

  9. Hi Willenhall Lad, no, UKIP would not introduce another tier of Government. All that would change is that the Enforced Areas Euro-Quango would be scrapped and all local areas would revert to their pre-May 1974 County boundaries. Walsall MBC would still, for example, run Walsall. The Borough wasn’t controlled from Stafford pre-May 1974, just as Birmingham wasn’t controlled from Warwick.

    • are you serious ? there is no West Midlands layer of anything at all .. that was scrapped in 1985 and all the areas left to fight amongst themselves ? Do you understand the nature of unitary councils at all ?

      • oh Steve, you are the only person I know that puts Staffs on their address, remeber I see the electoral registers so know what everyone else puts !

  10. Hi Ian, I’ve not mentioned even once the pre-1985 West Midlands authority; only the fact that the entity was imposed on us in May 1974 by anti-British, europhile Tory Quisling, Edward Heath. Unfortunately, the Enforced Areas Euro-Quango (West Midlands) is still in existence if just in name only. UKIP aim to erase even that together with the term ‘Sandwell’ completely.
    What each individual puts on their addresses – or leaves off, is entirely a matt

  11. er of personal choice and preference.
    P.S. The above should have read ‘erase even that together with the political term ‘Sandwell’ completely.

    • so lets see, you would erase something that has worked perfectly well for 40 years and would mean introducing smaller more inefficient DC’s like West Brom, Tipton, Old Hill etc which would then need an extra layer of governance surrounded by unitaries ?

      And what would the position of Sandwell Great Barr and Hampsted be ? not really part of West Bromwich are they ?

      If you wanted a more rational solution why not suggest that all the parts of Great Barr – Birmingham, Sandwell and Walsall are brought together under one council ? I believe the figures show that it would be as big as Sutton approx 65-70K residents.

      Is that really what UKIP policy is because if it is please link me to a document that says that ?

      As for self determination you said would return Sutton back to it’s rightful place so you would agree most Suttonians want to be a DC ?

      How about those in Streetly ?

      • I think among the ‘cut and thrust’ of debate you have hit on a good idea – Great Barr doesn’t really belong to any particular council area though it straddles three of them. The only problem for council status would be the lack of any observable hub as the existing councils have the historic towns/city as their centre. Health services are provided by different organisations and locations already – Sandwell, Walsall and Birmingham.

  12. Hi Ian, the only thing erased would be the political term ‘Sandwell’, to be replaced with a (Greater) West Bromwich authority (with a WBA postcode); so no major changes or any extra layer of Governance. Hamstead and the large areas of Great Barr in (Greater) West Bromwich are of course parts of (Greater) West Bromwich. Absolutely no thanks regarding your’s and Duncan’s suggestion to link any part of the Black Country with Birmingham.

    • I would dispute whether the Newton Road is part of the Black Country and postally everywhere from Tamworth to Bidford on Avon have a Birmingham postcode which doesn’t really get us very far does it? I guess there will never be any agreement on where Pheasey/Park Farm sits. I expect that the majority of citizens don’t care about the constitutional niceties as long as their bins are emptied on time and the potholes in the roads are filled. An interesting debate nevertheless.

  13. These are local branch UKIP policy’s. All our local branches have policies suited to their respective areas.
    Given the chance i’m firmly of the opinion that most Suttonians would vote by a large majority in favour of having their independence from Birmingham restored. As to what our good neighbours in Streetly want? – Well perhaps a few residents from next door could get in touch and give us some views/opinions?

    • Steve, can you confirm then as Derek is part of Pheasey branch (presume he still lives in OH) that he supports Pheasey and OH being together in the same ward ? Do you, you have never really answered that point.

      I suspect like all his neighbours he wants to be back in Paddock (where he stands of course) ASAP.

  14. Hi Ian, the Walsall UKIP Branch is growing every month and i suppose that eventually individual ward branches will be formed. Yes Derek still lives in Orchard Hills. He’s never mentioned to me whether or not he wants Orchard Hills to remain a part of the Pheasey/Park Farm Ward, or return to Paddock. I’ve never answered this question previously because it’s the first time that you’ve ever asked me it. – But yes, i’d like to see Orchard Hills remain in our ward. I’m seeing Derek in a few days time so i’ll ask him his opinion

  15. regarding your question and let you know what he thinks. Incidently while we’re on the subject of answering questions, i asked you a few days ago, just why you’re now restricting my posts to only seven (or eight lines)? An answer would be appreciated, as would the prompt lifting of your restriction.

  16. Yes Duncan it does matter where your representatives live,can you imagine Bird and Co.living under a phone mast,not knowing where shopping areas are,parking restricions on the estates,doctors surgery !! etc.etc.they do not have to face us residents, they live & work elsewhere conveniently.
    Just for the poliiticians above,normal people are disenfranchised,politicians will decide for us, we get no choices,no wonder turnout struggles to 20%,why bother? Tories.. rich boys never done a days work, into big Businesses and finance..,Lib Dems !!!!,..Labour leadership Ugh! but with big business mates,,UKIP,Thatchers child. Take the money off us in expenses..Newspapers ,big business tax dodge,keep the status Quo. WHY VOTE!

    • Good points. However as our councillors are re-elected despite their residence outside of Pheasey/Park Farm this must happen because of party affiliation or work for residents or a combination of both. It’s not automatic that a local (in the sense that they live in the ward) will always do a better job than someone who doesn’t live in the community they serve

      • Personally not a major issue if someone lives or not but it does concern me that all three of our councillors are happy with the status quo in terms of our situation as discussed.

        Look at Adrian’s post above and he does not speak on behalf of either side of the ward who I believe do not want to be joined together.

  17. Hi Duncan, of course the Newton Road is in the Black Country. In fact, thinking about it, something is needed to show that fact at the junctions of the Birmingham Rd/Walsall Rd/Newton Road at the Scott Arms. I’d suggest a large statue of WBA and England legend Ronnie Allen, with a plaque beneath commemorating his goal in the 1-1 draw against the Vile in late April 1959 that condemned the Vile to relegation to the (then) Second Division.

  18. The greatest single moment and event in world football history.
    Fear God, Love Our Sovereign, Hate The Vile.

  19. Hi Ian, Touche, nice one; I obviously knew you wouldn’t be able to resist replying, i just wondered what you’d say. Excellent response.

    • Up the Villa and let no-one say that Pheasey/Park Farm is in the Black Country! I guess the football fanbase is overwhelmingly Villa and Blues with a much smaller proportion of Olbyun! LOL

  20. Keep Pheasey in Walsall when I first came to live here in 1958 into a new house we were Aldridge and Brownhills Urban District Council and proud as things got done. Take a hard look at Birmingham it is the largest social landlord in Europe It is so big it is cutting its services more than Walsall look at the Council Tax charges etc. Look at the amount of greenbelt we have in Walsall its easy for people to moan instead of being positive if you are unhappy with certain things dont moan speak to people who maybe able to make a difference to

  21. Hi Ian, yep, you’re right, i can’t deny it. Hi Duncan, of course our great suburb of Pheasey/Park Farm is in the Black Country! I’d say that the numbers of Albion, Blues and Vile fans here are probably reasonably even. Next door in Whitecrest you’ve probably a larger number of Baggies fans; and over the border in Oscott, very few Albion fans, much larger numbers of Blue Noses and a very large Vile fan base. Hi Magi, welcome to the debate. Great comments, very positive.

  22. Hi Ian, i spoke to Derek at a UKIP meeting earlier. He doesn’t have a strong opinion on whether Orchard Hills should be in the Pheasey/Park Farm or Paddock Wards; But if he had to choose one or the other he would want Orchard Hills to be in Paddock Ward.

    • which I think would be the choice of everyone. We may not have a say for another 5-10 years but when we do then the residents have to be closely consulted.

  23. Events over recent days and Freedom Of Information requests made and then made public by Channel 4’s ‘Dispatches’ programme and a number of National newspapers regarding Local Council expenditure, throw into relief concerns outlined in recent posts by DJ and Magi. Former FibCon run Birmingham City Council for example wasted a staggering £319.000 of Council funds, with staff visiting 43 countries between 2007 and 2012!!!!!! In

  24. my view Local Council employees whose wages are paid for by local citizens through too high Council Taxes, should not be allowed to waste even £3.19p on foreign travel let alone the outrageous sum of over £300.000!!!!!!! Sack every one of those freeloaders still in post now.

  25. We pay our council taxes to Walsall,yet on Pheasey/Park Farm/Netherhall getting news of council naughties and general things which affect us, we never get to hear until too late,Gt.Barr Observer is our freebe,useless.I sent an article to them stating it was for the above area interest,,guess what it was put in Walsall Obs.NOT Gt.Barr Obs.We are missing out on what is important to us ..council misdeeds and few good and bad deeds by local political parties, Our council Representatives are lucky they live elsewhere!

    • Indeed DJ, we are totally remote.

      I am sad enough to follow people of all political persuassions on Twitter as you may have noticed. Through that you get the news and understand what goes on. However for Pheasey the main Newspaper of choice is the BIRMINGHAM Evening Mail the E&S sells very few copies. Therefore I am guessing that most residents are unaware of what goes on.

      There is certainly a fact that most people will be aware of what goes on in Brum council far more than Walsall.

  26. Sorry to be a pain but the issue about boundaries and who is where is made by the local politicians, They make representations to the boundary commission by the very nature of this it is open to political gerrymandering to give one party or another a seat in the local council, as has happened with pheasey park farm where the controlling group in the council at the time ( conservative ) had their representations accepted to ensure that rather than be a margin seat with two councillors it was safe seat with 3 councillors,
    The only solution to this manipulation of the boundaries is to make it a public vote which none of the political parties would want as they would lose control of their power to manipulate the election results
    As to where Pheasy park farm should be with orchard hills, if you asked for a vote most people would say Pheasy park farm should be in Birmingham or it’s own ward in Walsall, the people of Orchard hills would want to be with Padock but this will never happen as the local politicos would not allow this as stated earlier in my rant.
    Personally it is quicker to get into Birmingham , my phone is Birmingham, my post code is Birmingham , my free papers refer to Birmingham and the I get more information about what is happening from the local Birmingham councillors than I do from the 3 missing in action councillors from walsall

    • Yes, the few of us non-politicians who are interested enough in these issues to comment on the blog are a tiny minority. James has mentioned that in the age of the internet we probably know less about what happens in Walsall local affairs than those of Brum! The telephone book is B’ham North, the Yellow Pages is Walsall/West Bromwich and the Thompson is Sutton Coldfield! No wonder we don’t know where we should be politically!

      • yep JAmes has got the nail on the head there. I don’t think we are helped either by all three councillors being cabinet members and thus no real independence from decision making.

        It is unfair to say that they are missing I have to say but I do think their lack of any internet presence is something they should address. Compare their presence to the excellent presence of fellow Tory Marco Longhi in Pelsall.

        It is the easiest way to get news over to people and then create a debate. I look at the fuss over the Manor House youth centre in Aldridge and then we lost our youth service with barely a whimper.

  27. Hi Ian, most of my neighbours here in Pheasey/Park Farm read the Express & Star and not the pc, no-news, Birmingham Evening Mail; There’s an old saying here in the Black Country, if you really want to know what’s happening in Birmingham, buy a certain no holds barred Wolverhampton based newspaper.
    Hi James; All 20 wards here in Walsall have 3 councillors; none of them have only 2??? – If there were just 2 councillors here, it would, as things stand

  28. at present, still be a safe Conservative ward.
    Apart from yourself, Ian and a handful of others here, i don’t know anyone who would ever want our suburb to be a part of Birmingham. If you think differently, well next May put yourself up as a candidate in the Local Elections on a Walsall to Birmingham ticket. It is certainly not quicker to travel by car, van or motor bike into Birmingham than Walsall from Pheasey/Park Farm. You can drive from here to the Bridge in Town in 10 minutes

    • Not everyone travels by car Steve! Try getting to Walsall of an evening – there are more direct buses to Birmingham after 7.30 pm.

  29. or less without passing even one set of traffic lights if you cut from Beacon Road down Little Johnson’s Lane and onto the Sutton Road. The first set of lights you’ll encounter are on Springhill Road/Ablewell Street. Driving into Birmingham from here you have to pass at least 8 to 9 sets of lights, depending on which route you travel.

  30. I had to order a special copy of the express and star as the normal copies are the not the Walsall one as we do not fall into that catchment aria according to the news agents, also “Walsall council do not place any notices/advertisements in any of the free papers that delivered on this estate” according to Walsall council planning because they are not on the list of newspapers delivered in Walsall so even the council are of the opinion that Pheasey should not be in Birmingham what do our local councillors / local candidates (Steve) say , where should Pheasey park farm belong Birmingham, Walsall , Sandwell , Aldridge or the roll borough of Sutton ?

  31. Hi James, the only official local candidate in next May’s Local Elections, should they choose to stand, is whichever of the 3 Councillors is up for re-election; Everyone else planning to contest the ward are ‘Prospective’ Local Election Candidates until approved as official Candidates by the Elections Office. As i’ve stated quite a few times previously, i strongly believe that our suburb should remain as part of Walsall.

  32. Hi Duncan, you’re missing the point of the difference of opinion James and myself had regarding whether it’s quicker to get from here to Walsall or here to Birmingham. Using a car, van or motor bike it’s obviously going to take longer to travel from here into Birmingham; Going by bus (which i do use myself from time to time) well yes you could very well see a different outcome.

  33. Sorry anther rant just had the independent for next year at my door wanting me to help them with their planning (must have read this blog and put 1 and 1 together) sent her away with a fly in there ear. So the same question I asked her
    All you politicos and prospective politician’s why should I vote in a local council election when I don’t see what benefit it is to me ? Don’t the local politician’s just want to keep the status quo being a big wig in a small pond or worse some who knows they are not going to win but are just wanting to nashing their teeth crying the world is wrong vote for me in this small pond and I will fix the world.
    Also on that point why should I vote ukip , conservative , labour or the independent( she did look nice)

  34. Hi James, UKIP oppose any more development/housebuilding in Great Barr Park and anywhere else in the green belt within the Pheasey/Park Farm ward. We support fast action to see compulsory purchase, clearance, de-contamination and a return to green belt of the eyesore former garage site on the Queslett Road; and the compulsory purchase, clearance, de-contamination

  35. and development of the eyesore former garage site on the junctions of Moreton Avenue and Beacon Road. UKIP oppose giving any Council Taxes to the Local Government Association; A body we intend to abolish. UKIP also support the ending of non-jobs on Local Councils such as European Union Officers, Climate Change Officers, interpreters/translators, Chief Executives etc. With the money saved from closing such positions on Councils

  36. they would for the first time in decades be in a better standing to fund the filling in of the numerous potholes all over our road systems both locally and across the wider United Kingdom.

  37. it seems like we will need a quick route to Brum to play sports on Sundays as it seems the Barr Beacon Leis.centre will not be open on Sundays soon.I and many have & do use it at weekends,but lets save some money to pay our reps extra allowances £11 K or £5K,still they don’t live close so cant be got at by us locals.Lets repair them Potholes!!

    • TBF the leisure centre at the school is no longer the council’s responsbility since it went to an academy. DJ if you contact me I would like to do a piece on what you said. Why have the school said it may close on a Sunday ?

  38. Part of the problem over here,we have no representation,Councillors don’t care,dont live here,school can do what it likes leaving locals adrift with what normally is a Sunday past time for many young ones,and no consultation.Could you imagine this happening with Bill Newman around,he”d have had a fit ,and locals would have been all over him.I think point of contact is probably the School.

    • Anyone who supports Academies c an not argue about this, the chool is totally independent.

      If you wish to complain then Mike Bird is on the board of governers or whatever they call it now. So send him a email or call him to discuss it. I have never used Beacon and always gone to one of the Birmingham lot or occassionally the Brine pool at the Gala.

      • I remember being taken to Oak Park by coach as part of our PE lessons for swimming as there was no pool at Beacon in the late 70’s early 80’s.

  39. What is Oak Park mate ??

    Guess I was lucky as I was int he years after it was built and it is and still is a fantastic facility.

  40. Oak Park Leisure Centre is in Lichfield Rd, Walsall Wood, Walsall, West Midlands WS9 9PQ. It had a swimming pool and was in the council area so schools could use it.

    • ah right so you were bussed over to there, seems a way to go but Walsall’s swimming pool facilities always been poor when compared to the neighbouring councils.

  41. James asked for representatives of the Political parties/Independent candidate planning to contest the Pheasey/Park Farm Ward in next May’s Local Council Elections to state their party’s policies for the suburb about three weeks ago. I responded fairly promptly with UKIP’s policies relating to the Ward, but to date no representatives of any of the other political party’s have listed any of their policies for Pheasey/Park Farm. The European Union

  42. Elections are also set to take place on the same day as the Local Elections, Thursday May 22nd; and UKIP’s standing MEP, Mike Nattrass and his fellow UKIP candidates will be campaigning on a number of issues affecting local people here and in the Greater Staffordshire County area. UKIP are opposed to EU Toll Roads, such as the nearby EU M6 Toll Road, part of the European Union’s TEN T Policy; We believe that the road, currently with debts of over One Billion Pounds, should be seized by the State

  43. with absolutely no compensation whatsoever paid to the current franchise running the EU M6 Toll, with the road then being incorporated into the National Road Network. The last disastrous Euro-Labour Government introduced the EU M6 Toll Road against a backdrop of almost universal public opposition to a madcap, unworkable scheme that last year alone saw losses approaching some 42 Million Pounds. UKIP are also opposed to the EU HS2 High Speed Rail Network, again part of the EU’s TEN T Policy. Without

  44. a single piece of track even having been laid, the costs of this potentially ruinous European Union ‘masterplan’ have risen from some 30 Billion Pounds to approximately 42 Billion Pounds. UKIP believe that this lunatic idea should be quickly shunted into the sidings and be promptly forgotten about. Looking at the appalling condition of our highways and many Inner Town and Inner City areas across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom

  45. i’m sure that a majority of British citizens could find a much more sensible and practical use of 42 Billion Pounds of taxpayers money than wasting it on EU HS2!!!!!!!!!!

  46. When will this pretend politician Steve Grey actually shut up or talk sense…every one else on here talks sensibly, however Steve “I’m stuck up UKIP Nigel’s @&@” only ever rants and rants, and does not seem to have any answers with any real substance!! Only ever says something to make a political point that “UKIP leaders won’t do that, UKIP leaders said this”…basically Steve I’m sick of you always using this site as a campaigning tool. Most locals read this site for local news, not to hear the pretend politician having a rant, and how the sun shines out of UKIP’s behind!

    • I am all for free speech so that is why Steve’s obvious political points stay in. I make no cover up of my political persuasion here but most local issues including the redevelopment of Gt Barr Hall are actually none political.

  47. SOS; Your post should of course have read, ‘this pretend politician’ with approximately 630 votes and a shade under 20% of the vote in Pheasey/Park Farm at the last local election. – And a real person, using my own name, unlike the pretend person clearly not even having the bottle to use their real name while criticizing me. When will i shut up? Erm, well that will be never actually; And if you’re sick of me, don’t like what i say or what UKIP stand for, then next May reveal who you are and stand against UKIP either

  48. here or in whatever other ward you happen to reside in, in the next round of local elections.
    Hi Ian; You seriously don’t think that the threat of enabling work (i.e. more development) in Great Barr Park linked to a proposal to restore Great Barr Hall is going to become a touchstone local political issue/hot potato, should the proposal to impose more destruction in our local green belt is pushed forward??????????????????????

  49. Tut ,tut girls all the political parties are the same,privately educated leader, and team of wealthy( un earned wealth well) out of touch,dont live in areas like we work or live in. Only,photo ops in these less salubrious places is as close as any of them get.Paid any proper tax Mr.Farage lately,as much as the owner of the Daily Mail I suspect or the Torygraph owners. Nil, Never mind its like a step back to the old doff your cap days, we pay,, whilst rich laugh,political class and their privately schooled media chums fill our constituencies with friends from wealthy areas,Hedge funds and big business and their bosses enjoy lower wages forced on us ordinary folk,by immigration and no meaningful work, only part time,and say thanks Dave,George ,Gordon,Tony,John,Margaret and who is it ,,,,lib dem thingy!

  50. Sorry an omission from above ,I am not very adept at writing,there should be a ? after Nil on the rant on tax, as the latter 3 are non doms,Nige is not.

  51. Hi Dj, For someone that says they’re not very adept at writing, well you’re doing just fine in my opinion. Why not throw your hat into the ring next May? There are large numbers of people across our suburb that havn’t voted for years or have never voted, that might just turn out and support an Independent candidate putting out a leaflet along the lines of your last post or something similar.

  52. I believe an Independent Rate Payer is going to stand in Pheasey in May , she came to my house some time back asking if I would support her in next mays elections. she did have some good arguments as well as going on about the incompetence of our council e.g. the phone mast and the about how the current local councillor’s pass the buck e.g. The bus services started off with cllr Andrews but as it became apparent it was a no winner it has been passed to cllr Tow to take the flack this was according to local residents in Doe Bank and at the community centre who she has spoken too.
    I think this may be a game changer as she lives in orchard hills and appears to be well known there as well , she did prattle on about the 3 Crowns , The old school and lack of a local doctors in Orchard hills

  53. Hi James, an interesting post; And going back to the comments i made regarding DJ’s last posting; with turnout in many local Council elections down on those from the not too distant past, perhaps local residents standing as non-aligned Independent candidates may persuade potential voters who might not have a cast a ballot for years or not even at all, to either fill out a postal vote or visit a polling station on Thursday May 22nd next year.

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