3 thoughts on “100_1539

  1. you ought to see it to day. They have taken all the scaffolding down and its just callapsing in on itself, it is so sad. SOMEONE DO SOMETHING. TO ME IT LOOKS LIKE WHOEVER THE GUYS WERE ? WAS TAKING PARTS OF THE OTHER BUILDINGS AWAY ACROSS THE GOTHIC BRIDGE, GREAT BIG OLD WOODEN JOISTS WITH METAL ON THE ENDS. who can help, who can i contact?

  2. never mind it will be somewhere else to build awful houses on,like the rest of Neverawful estate, like our wonderful councillors wanted all along,yes Labour and Tory have shown no interest in this site since it first started to fall into disrepair(not our responsibility).

  3. I agree DJ, I think the whole saga has been a disgrace to the area and to the councils involved. I would defend Bruce George back then as he really tried and fought for better treatment of it which would have saved it.

    I am very sad he failed to convince the right people. Imagine if imagination had been used and used it as a corporate facility with great motorway links and yes some housing around to pay for it. What in the end happened was that some parties were never bothered in it and it fell apart.

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